June 06, 2007

You Are Invited to Visit Our Latest Album: Carved in Carbon: The Rose

At the peak of the moment we took our camera to the most beautiful rose gardens we know of  to begin our latest image indulgence, capturing that majestic flower in bloom. No shape transcends nature and art more persistently than this most luxurious of garden plants that has been part of the human journey since earliest antiquity. With stone, our companion subject in this Carved series, civilizations have marked their presence on the planet as a monument and symbol in the face of mortal and metaphysical transience. The strain of magnificently fragrant and bountiful blooms featured in this album, Carved in Carbon: The Rose, the process has been one of companion on the mutable journey.  Earliest caravan trade across the continents carried natural varieties over thousands of miles of land and sea.  New plants were recognized for various qualities of odor, luminance, color, hardiness, voluptuousness and durability and the process of combining these qualities in new breeds was begun.  In this collection colors range from the deepest reds to whites, near black, blues and various purples, from exotic blends to natural species as they were first introduced into Europe and the Americas. The rose appears on woven cloth, in stained glass windows, in sculpture, pottery and paintings as well as a central element in poetry and song. The rose fragrance was so appreciated that early chemists found ways to capture and bottle its essence. With particular pleasure we will continue to add to this collection throughout the seasons. Nothing better confirms the mystery of natural and artificial creation than this most sublimely potent of shrubs. We invite you to join us.  As always, feedback is appreciated.

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