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The DymaxionWeb was first developed in 2004 to provide an alternative information network for people interested in participating in the unveiling of global techno-cultural economic trends. DW builds on bleeding edge information sensing and retrieval technologies to locate and tap into significant news and the points of view of individuals who choose to report and muse on events and trends they are part of.

DW covers major economic areas like interest rate and currency movements, trade, petroleum and budgetary trends and the political forces that mold them but also provides a special focus on the business of culture, technology and media.

Transponding from the Trenches? We Want You!

If you are providing a RSS stream under a license that allows for general syndication, you may find your work here in the SuperHeterodyne and Streams columns of DW . Likewise, we are always interested in direct contributions by authors who have strong connections to their subject matter. DW is, after all, meant to be a collaborative "conspiracy" of the knowledgeable. Over time, we expect to provide technology that makes it possible for anonymous participation in discussions and postings.

The DymaxionWeb is updated several times daily. We invite you to participate in any way possible. You can contact us at with comments and questions.

Special Thanks

We would like to also give special thanks to some of the technology contributors who make the DW work. First, to the providers of Movable Type, an electronic publishing system that forms the underpinnings of our site. But we are also grateful to Brad Choate, Ari Paparo, Timothy Appnel, Steve Minutillo and Dean McKenzie among many others who have contributed key pieces of technology. Also, kudos to the folks at

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