About BlogDrome

It's no longer rare these days to see something of particular interest appear first in the blogosphere rather than in the mainstream media..  Lag time can sometimes be days, weeks or even years.  It's also clear that the same MSM finds more and more of its source material through RSS feeds put out by bloggers. Curiously, but not entirely, when you think about it, the blogosphere sometimes serves as the only outlet for stories that may be too hot to handle through the normal routes.  Journalists and industry insiders with or without day jobs, are also some of the most important participants in this online off-line conversation.

Over time, we've gathered together an ever deeper collection of RSS streams coming from individuals and groups we've learned to respect and take seriously... or lightly, as they so intend. For the subject matter that interests the eclectic gang here at DW: media, technology, privacy, information freedom, content technologies and the business thereof, the odd and bizarre but relevant, gadgets, technology trends, kulture, &c., there's an incredible amount of buzz across the Web. 

After all, we used to scan our favorite bloggers, like most willing participants of the RSS revolution, for our own edification and entertainment.  Then, when we got to understanding what RSS is really all about, we started culling out the blurbs we wanted to have at our own fingertips using desktop tools like Onfolio, creating our own custom collections with link-backs and attributions.   At some point it became clear that there might be value in sharing what for us became our own personal Best of the Buzz. Along came the opportunity to put them up on the Dymaxion Web, which seemed to offer a Fuller-inspired model for sharing this daily trove. We looked around and located ReBlog from the guys at Eyebeam's  Its a set of tools that  is integrated closely with Movable Type, Dymaxion Web's publishing platform. And so, now, a few times a week we scour our feeds for whatever seems to catch our interest and pass that on in the pages of BlogDrome.

The process hasn't been without its bumps in the road.  What's important is the relatively large number of visitors we get returning to the site every day.  We hope they get a quick digest out of it and that they use it to locate bloggers whose work they might not have come across otherwise. We want, of course, the feedback of our visitors and particularly welcome hearing from  and meeting the bloggers who make BlogDrome the interesting site it's turned out to be.

Give us your feedback, please. Readers and contributors alike, let us know how we can make this site more useful. Send us a line.