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Caveat Emptor!

or Why Offer You Our Scam du Jour?

Quite simply: to share a snicker or two with you...yet, we have to imagine that since someone cranks these things out and the mechanisms have been put in place in far off places like Abijan .....well, we guess someone must bite every now and then.

And so we begin to conjure up some creature, born yesterday, as pure as new fallen snow ....Well, almost, except, perhaps with a slightly overstimulated sense of greed.

And voila'; here we have it, the secret reason why all those people shell out their good cash each month for a creaky connection to the World Wide Web. Why there's gold in them thar' hills!

And so with caveat emptor stamped all over our offering of genuine*, scam-letters that are making the rounds, we let you have a nearly full peak. Only the return information has been removed and we do that both to protect ourselves from any responsibility should one of you be foolish enough to want a bite of the apple but also to hear from you if, after all this, you are truly interested in doing so. Write to us at with your reasons. We will get back in touch with you then. With your permission, we may even want to pass on your insight to other readers.

As a reward, if you sign all the release forms, we might even pass on the contact information, though we'd still have to get that cleared with our lawyers.
By the way, if you also receive dubious offers in your email box and would like to share them with other readers, forward them on to us. If they merit it, we'll be glad to place them in this dubious collection.


* genuine, of course, only in the sense that they showed up in our emailbox or in one of our friend's.

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