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March 11, 2010

Nostra Maxima Culpa

The following letter has been pinned to the Congressional Cemetery grave-site of J. Edgar Hoover and his life partner Clyde Tolson:


To: Mr. Robert Platte

c/o Federal Bureau of Investigation

Dear Sir,

You will be, no doubt, little surprised to learn that the entire story leading to the upcoming release of the “Eggn manuscript”, at has been a concoction to enhance the mystery surrounding this work of fiction. Yes, the urban legend surrounding the purported location of a mysterious capsule near White Sands, if this event ever really did take place, has been co-opted strictly for the purpose of embroidering a bit of verisimilitude around a story inspired, so we have been told, by the work of Jules Verne.

Just as the incidents surrounding the Roswell story have been adapted by so many authors and publishers, it was the publisher's assumption that there was no harm in the author taking the “Capsule” story and using it for his own purposes. We apologize if this has caused alarm bells to be raised within certain circles, if that really be the case (something we doubt).

Be informed that as far as we were and remain concerned, the events previously described in the item entitled "Anti-Prologue" were made up entirely out of whole cloth. The author was not attempting to dupe us in this matter, and we were not attempting to dupe our readers.

Further, we concur with the Eggn author that the kind of thinking that went into the Roswell story is outdated and somewhat illogical, much more a reflection of the paranoia generated during the Cold War by certain factions within the political spectrum.

Why, for instance, would the US Government continue to this day to hide the fact that beings from outer space had been discovered in a location near the area of the first nuclear test explosion?

From a scientific perspective, the crash landing, much less the successful cover up, of highly advanced beings is extremely dubious. Even at close to the speed of light, these particular beings and their flying saucer would certainly have had to have already been positioned in the vicinity of our solar system, before even the first wireless signals were sent into space. After all, Alpha Centauri, our nearest neighboring sun, is 4.6 light years distant.

The Roswell beings would have had to be very near neighbors in our own solar system and in possession of an extremely advanced form of propulsion to get here in a reasonable amount of time. Assuming, then, that such an advanced civilization had evolved in this close proximity, we might make a reasonably sound statistical deduction that intelligent life is an inordinately common universal phenomenon and that there are hundreds of thousands of such civilizations just in our own corner of the galaxy. Further, their communications would require electromagnetic wavelengths. In recent years, tens of millions of dollars have been spent in vain by the government through NASA and universities in the quest to capture any signal of intelligent communication in the galaxy.

Are we to suppose that NASA at the height of its prestige would not have been able to penetrate the veil of secrecy around something as significant as the very well known Roswell story and that no Administration hence has had the power to crack that secrecy? After all, the possibilities of backward engineering alone would make the discovery invaluable to science, not to mention government scientists working to solve the propulsion and speed problems that plague today's deep space program.

We feel confident that the publication of Eggn can be of absolutely no interest to any organization that you (Platte) purport to represent. The author assures us that this is a work of fiction and that the time capsule depicted in the "Anti-Prologue" is a metaphor for the period between its authorship and the present dates of first publication.

We therefore defy you to demonstrate any evidence that gives you a legitimate platform to make any of your various charges. Further, you have 5 days from today to make those charges known to us.

Pascal Pasquino

Chief Editor, Fiction

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