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March 22, 2010

Today We Publish EGG to the Nth

We have given those people Mr. Robert Platte (see: Why We Have not yet Published) pretends to represent a little time to get back to us and have heard nothing. With that, we have decided to go ahead and publish the manuscript that recently came into our hands. We dispute that there is anything illegal or of security concern to the document and that there is a rival legitimate claim to publishing rights.

For context, we will repeat the present rights holder's claim that the work is a machine translation of binary code inscribed in a capsule that supposedly fell into the Arizona desert (see the anti-prologue) highlands some time after 1945. The author claims the capsule was discovered, then disappeared back in the early 1970's and that this ‚Äútranslation‚ÄĚ we are calling a machinuscript has been recently rediscovered in Luzerne, Switzerland.

We have made no editorial changes or edits to the hard copy as we received it.

Pasqualino Pasquino


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