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June 03, 2004

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October 20, 2003

Dyamaxion Web:          What Is It?

Dyamaxion Web:          What Is It?


The concept (unlike the name, which is a local invention) behind the Dymaxion Web is far from entirely original to this writer but like most current disruptive phenomena, requires constant revisiting and rethinking. First, the term dymaxion was coined by a contributor to the web continuum (creative iconoclasm transcends time and space ), Buckminster Fuller, an energetic and original thinker best known for his invention of the geodesic dome.  With his domes, inspired by structural principles found in beehives, Fuller broke with traditional architectural structure.  What he advanced in building, as he moved structural physics beyond the arch, is that the sum of the whole is an order greater than that of its individual members.


The web, of course, is also an ingenious, efficient design taken straight from nature; it was, after all, first evolved in nature to withstand errant forces and then transferred to the communications realm to survive a nuclear attack.


In communication, the paradigm shift Ėnow thereís a good echo from the 90ísóinherent in our Web, is one of the enormous extensions or freedom from the molecule.  The author of the Bucky Ball, the Dymaxion man, himself, would have appreciated that!  What we are talking about is the supreme lightness and freedom from friction of bits and bites, Xís and Oís, zeros and ones.  No more stone or clay tablets, no more paper, no more movable type; just speed-of-light movable bits and bytes flowing around the globe like slide of hand.  Each day our pixelated screens effortlessly fill with thoughts piped in from all over the globe.   


Even as I turn over in rugged or sweet dreamland someone in Paris or London or Hong Kong is thinking out loud through his fingers; in essence extending my own thought power.  By the time Iíve got past the foam on my first cappucino of the day, the fruits of other peoplesí labors or epiphanies have fed into my gray matter.


Dymaxia, my home country, then becomes a node in that web.  It will, if successful to its purpose, extend the ken of all whom it touches.  For some, it will just barely catch the periphery of their sphere of interests and for others it will hit the soft spot, the place where they are concentrating their own perceptive forces.


Dymaxia will be, by the phlegmatic nature of its author, a rather full stop on the contrarian underground railroad.  It will, however hopefully, have a civilized, even playful tone; but it will be a shout in the dark against the kind of high up economic and financial manipulation and tomfoolery that seems to have contrived to turn us into a nation of borrowers, spenders of other peopleís money, mindless consumers of other peopleís goods.  No, not as a moralizer but perhaps as a preoccupied observer curious and deeply worried as to where it all is going to end and how it is going to affect all of us.


Will we end up carrying in our wallets a currency so decrepit that even the Chinese will stop taking it at face value?  To paraphrase the playwright, we are living on the kindness of strangers.  Will the stock markets (the echo bubble somebody calls it) keep going up forever, will they level out or even decline like a yawning puppy dog, or will we wake up one day to find ourselves overlooking the abyss?  Thatís the kind of stuff I take to bed with me, even as other nodes in Asia-based are digging in and submitting their latest thoughts to our web.  I read, watch and listen to a whole host of people everyday and hope, through this effort and others to increase that number: Thereís those gold bugs in Oz-land on a site called  For them itís an electronic cafť where like minds gather to chew the fat.  Itís Andy Grove in his testimony to Congress last week Ėa speech I intend to talk about in a future essayówhen he warned about the disruptive down-the-tubes exodus of high paying high tech jobs from the Dulles Corridor and Silicon Valleys of the country to India and China.  Jim Rogers and his wife tour the backroads of the globe and report back on their findings, the folks who put out the Daily Reckoning, etc.


The dymaxion web is all that is antidote to the official fictions spouted by the folks at the IMF, World Bank, the Federal Reserves, the Treasury Departments of the world, the downwardly revised and the upwardly revised.  Likewise, itís pie in the face of the paid shills at every level of business and government who make their daily bread telling us that everything is under control. Not that I  have anything against anybody making his daily bread, mind you.  But I donít have to buy into the big spin jobs. Some of us Ėat least in my piece of the web-- are died in the wool ideologues; thatís all right as long as our ideologies lead us to good olí contrarian thoughts.  Take the Mogambo Guru, who some of you might know, for example, heís part of this web, doesnít know it but he is.  Not that I agree much with what he has to say in his own inimical way but nobody would nail him for just another hack.


The web grows.  I plan to set up a site, (Iíll let you know when its functioning) where you, dear readers, add your comments.  In the weeks ahead, I plan to talk about the people Iím reading, talking to, listening to, watching; Keynesians and Austrian schoolers, bulls and bears, bond bugs and gold bugs, China watchers, Fed watchers, market watchers, Congress watchers and Sunday morning TV watchers.  In other words, whatever I think is relevant to our financial wellbeing.


Yup, Iíll talk macro stuff, macro economics, macro politics, macro trends, macro finance, macro (or even micro) anything I think is relevant to surviving and thriving.  And I will look forward to growing that extended part of my mind, my own dymaxion web.


Richard Mendel-Black


For the time being, please send your comments to:     

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