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The premise for the DymaxionWeb is a simple one: these are, and we think not just momentarily, very tricky times for financial and cultural markets. When markets tend to rise annually by double digits over a long period, as they did from the early 80's right up to the end of the tech boom, it is not all that difficult to make wise, prudent investment choices. But alas, history teaches that long rises in equity prices are always bracketed by periods in which prices sink back below norms.

Eventually, equities will always reflect the underlying value of the enterprises the shares are derived from. Value investors must, above all, be patient creatures. They thrive best when everyone has walked away from the markets and equity prices sink below asset and business prospect values. Any way you choose to cut it, the markets today hold very few apparent value investments.

Bottom line: It's going to take more skill than merely throwing darts at a financial page to make and preserve capital going forward. We are also, by nature, skeptical of so called professionals. There can hardly be a Chinese Wall between analysts and the sales team of brokers. The same goes for the self-anointed guru's. They tend to be, like the Pentagon, full of good advice, particularly on how to fight the last war.

We are, not so strangely, more interested in fighting the current one and thus in creating an alternative channel that ultimately, if it reaches its full potential, will become a kind of conspiracy of the knowledgeable.

Intelligence, after all, is the means of production of our era! The Dymaxion Web sets out to be a network of transponders at the nexis of technology, media and culture.

From the Trenches, To the Trenches

The concept (unlike the name, which is a local invention) behind the DymaxionWeb is not entirely unobvious but like most current disruptive phenomena, will require constant revisiting and rethinking to reach its potential. For a little context, the term dymaxion was coined by a mid-century force in the web continuum (creative iconoclasm transcends time and space ), Buckminster Fuller, an energetic and original thinker perhaps best known today for his invention of the geodesic dome. With his domes, inspired by structural principles found in beehives, Fuller broke with traditional architectural structure. What he advanced in building, as he moved structural concept from pier and arch to hexagon, is the principal that the sum of the whole can become an order greater than that of its individual members.... simple, equally shaped supporting rods and standardized joints, in the case of the geodesic dome.

The web, of course, is also an ingenious, efficient design taken straight from nature; it was, after all, first evolved to withstand the worst that weather or a crashing intruder could do and then transposed by some deep thinkers to the communications realm to survive a nuclear attack.

In communication, the paradigm shift, is one of the enormous extensions or freedom from the molecule. The predictor of what came to be known as the Bucky Ball in nanotechnology, the dymaxion man, himself, would have appreciated that we are talking here, in proposing the DymaxionWeb, about the supreme lightness and freedom from friction of bits and bytes. No more carving in stone or clay tablets, no more paper, no more lead; just light-speed movable x and o's flowing around the globe like slight of hand.

DymaxionWeb Nodes

DymaxionWeb then becomes a node in that web. It will, if successful to its purpose, extend the ken of all whom it touches. For some, it will just barely touch the periphery of their sphere of interests and for others it will hit the soft spot, the place where they are concentrating their own perceptive forces.

The D-Web is about Communication and Interaction

There can be no success to the DymaxionWeb if there aren't active and passive participants. We will use the most sophisticated technologies we can find to gather in the voices in the deeper recesses of the trenches, cubicles, hotspots and corner offices. But we also invite you to participate directly. Let us know where you are publishing your feed and if you are talking about technology, currencies, precious metals, trade flows or whatever it is that you know best, as an insider, we will be pleased to syndicate your work here. We also intend to provide an anonymous domain for writers to use and other anonymous spaces for discussions.   Contact Us

We are Genetically Skeptical

The DymaxionWeb is all that is antidote to the official fictions spouted by the folks at the IMF, World Bank, the Central Bankers, the Treasury Departments of the world, the downwardly revised and the upwardly adjusted and the damned lies of politicians and statisticians. Likewise, it’s pie in the face of the paid shills at every level of business and government who make their daily bread telling us that all trends point up.

Together, we will try to spot the forces that are underlying macro and micro trends for illumination, self defense and for possible profit. But most of all we will be listening to hear your voices , providing you ample room to speak.

And so, down with the gurus for all seasons, the experts on everything, up with voices of independent-minded people in a position to observe, know, muse and most of all, welcome to Dymaxia.

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