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July 30, 2005

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Tirol Online - vor 19 Stunden gefunden Die auch für Menschen lebensgefährliche Geflügelpest-Variante H5N1 hat sich offenbar

von Fernost nach Russland ausgebreitet. Das Virus sei bei mehreren hundert toten Vögeln in der Region Nowosibirsk festgestellt ...

Bird flu harmful to humans found in Siberia-paper


  • Posted on: Sat, Jul 30 2005 5:32 AM

  • Bird flu harmful to humans found in Siberia


    The newspaper Kommersant quoted the state veterinary service as saying laboratory experts had found the
    strain in samples from the

    Novosibirsk region, where an outbreak of bird flu was reported last week.

  • Posted on: Sat, Jul 30 2005 5:00 AM

  • Pig disease now in five Chinese cities

    By Crof

    Faster bioterrorism directive sought

    Posted by dymaxion at July 30, 2005 05:11 PM


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    Remember Me?

    ministry said Friday that cases of bird flu virus found in Siberia's Novosibirsk region were of the deadly H5N1 type that can be transmitted
    to humans. '
    Xinhua reports Streptococcus suis has been found
    in five cities in southwest Sichuan . The death toll is still at 32.