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August 08, 2005

Feeling Safer Yet?

Is it just me, or is BushCo giving this the same half-assed, half-hearted attention it gives everything else?

WASHINGTON, Aug. 7 – Health officials, who over the weekend announced success in an initial test of a human vaccine against avian influenza, cautioned Sunday that the existence of a vaccine in itself would not be enough to avert a worldwide pandemic.

countries need to quickly organize ways to give the shots when they become available, a task that will take coordination, money and more scientific work. But they also emphasized that additional steps must be taken to better prepare for a possible worldwide epidemic of the respiratory disease, whether it is caused by the strain of avian influenza that has been spreading though birds in Asia and Russia, known as A(H5N1), or by another strain.

In issuing dire predictions during the past two years about the devastation that an influenza pandemic might cause, a number of infectious disease experts and others have said development of a vaccine was an imperative.

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