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August 15, 2005

Shenzhen may have S suis...or may not

After several days' silence on health issues, Boxun's English page today says Shenzhen May Have 'Streptococcosis Suis' Victims Dead.

Shenzhen is on the Guangdong-Hong Kong border, and is a very big city in its own right. According to the story, pork is being recalled and anyone who has eaten pork recently has been told to register with their apartment building's manager's office.

An anonymous source claims five persons in a Shenzhen pork-processing plant died within 24 hours of showing symptoms. They had been butchering pork supposedly from Henan province but actually from Sichuan. Meanwhile, no news about pig fever has come out of Sichuan in several days.

Xinhuanet, however, claims the suspect pork has tested negative for S suis:

Fifteen live pigs were spotted symptoms of being infected by the bacteria last Monday in Shenzhen city of south China's Guangdong Province and were quarantined soon.

Then 600-kg frozen pork from southwestern Sichuan Province, where an endemic caused by the pig-borne bacteria broke out in late June, were suspected being infected by the bacteria in the city on Thursday.

After being tested by a team of experts in animal epidemic prevention sent by the provincial agricultural department on Saturday, samples from the live pigs and pork were tested negativefor the epidemic.

esn't say what caused the symptoms that resembled pig fever.

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