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August 29, 2005

The nutters are coming ! Huzzah, Huzzah ! The nutters are coming !

As proof (if proof was needed) that there are some "very strange" people out there in Internet land - I introduce you to the "Bird Flu is a New World Order conspiracy to destroy us all".

And, before you laugh at the loons, dear reader, please remember ..... these people might indeed live near you !!!! (Shudder)

Oh .... and they don't like anyone who isn't an Anglo-Saxon !!



1. A human Bird Flu epidemic is almost certain to happen at some point, quite possibly in the next few months.

2. There is not likely to be any vaccine available for most people. Even if one is developed then it will take too long to mass produce.

3. Unlike normal flu, bird flu targets the young and healthy as much as anybody else.

4. Death rates could vary but at the moment run at about 75 per cent of those infected.

5. Estimates of total deaths in the West range from about 10% to 30% of the population.

6. Face masks provide little protection as the sub-micron sized viral particles can easily get round gaps.

7. Some argue that you can increase your immunity by taking herbal preparations.

8. The only reliable method of avoiding the disease is to avoid contact with other people who may be carriers.

According to the Times:

"So in the absence of medication, what else could you do if there were an outbreak? According to the contingency plan people would be advised to avoid public transport, crowds, long queues and anywhere
else they might encounter carriers of the virus. Most effective, it seems, will be to stay at home and wait until the outbreak is over. "


Some people believe that this virus is being artificially created in order to cull the world's population down to a size desired by the International Monocracy (NWO).

a) It is known that the NWO wish to see a reduced world population. Estimates of the desirable population range from 2 billion down to half a billion. The current world population is 6 billion.

b) It is thought that there is a greater desire to cull the third world population rather than Western population which is more productive and has lower birth rates already. However there is no
reason to believe that they do not wish to cull the Western population.

c) The bird flu virus is an unusual and unnatural one compared to most flu viruses giving reason to believe that it is a designer virus. It is assumed that AIDS and SARS were also designer viruses.

d) Genetic sequence from the Spanish flu virus of 1918 (collected in 1933) has been detected in H5N1. There is no explanation other than it being released from a scientific laboratory. The implication is
that there is a deliberate desire to create a new virus with some of the characteristics of the Spanish Flu virus - which caused the worst epidemic of recent times.

e) The Chinese authorities are not being open about the spread of H5N1 and it appears that they have something to hide. A laboratory that has been sequencing the virus has been closed down.

f) A number of leading world scientists who might have expertise in this area have been killed in suspicious circumstances in recent

g) Despite frantic warnings from some scientists about the risk of a global pandemic there is little response from the politicians. The political classes are not mobilising us to deal with the threat.


i) People should not wait on government to provide a lead, but look to their own resources to increase their chance of survival.

ii) People should not trust the words of official bodies such as the WHO, which may be deliberately down-playing the dangers.

iii) People also have to consider other factors such as the possibility of global nuclear war at the same time as the epidemic.

iv) People also have to expect that the authorities will be much fiercer during the crisis than they might expect. It is worth looking back at what happened to farmers during the foot and mouth outbreak. (Some consider this was spread artificially and that the draconian cull policy adopted had no legitimate justification)

http://www.holarchist.org.uk (has a few Bird Flu links on home page)"


And they dare call ME paranoid ! {The Rabbit gives an insane snigger then barks at the moon}

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