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September 22, 2005

Australia to close all ports if bird flu strikes

Australia's air and sea ports would be closed off from the world in the event of an Asian bird flu outbreak.

The dramatic safeguarding measure against the deadly disease is part of a Federal Government draft management plan circulated for comment to health professionals, the tourism sector and state governments.

[...] Under the draft plan, if there was a serious outbreak of the disease the Government could ban gatherings of people, close schools and quarantine anyone suspected of carrying the virus.

"Fever clinics" would be established and certain hospitals designated as specific "influenza hospitals" or "care centres" to stop the spread of the disease. Mobile medical teams would roam suburbs treating home quarantine cases.

The story mentions Australia expects some 13,000 casualties in the event of an outbreak. Read the entire article in the Sun-Herald. Thanks to Chris Berkeley for the link.

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