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September 09, 2005


I don't think I've had occasion before this to cite an opinion piece from OpinionJournal, the editorial section of the Wall Street Journal. But Mark Helprin's comments on the present state of American disarray include failure to prepare for pandemic (my bolding):

The war in Iraq has been poorly planned and executed from the beginning, and now, like a hurricane over warm water, the insurgency is in a position to take immense energy from the fundamental divisions in that nation. The rise of Chinese military power, although lately noted, has met with no response. America's borders are open, its cities vulnerable, its civil defense nonexistent, its armies stretched thin. We have taken only deeply inadequate steps to prepare for and forestall a viral pandemic that by the testimony of experts is a high probability and could kill scores of millions in this country alone. That we do not see relatively simple and necessary courses of action, and are not led and inspired to them, represents a catastrophic failure of leadership that bridges party lines.

I find this encouraging rather than the reverse. It appears that some of the greatest backers of the Bush administration are less than pleased, and may start demanding competence if not leadership. And simple competence could save lives.

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