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October 20, 2005

Brazil prepares for H5N1

Brazil is getting ready for avian flu, according to a story on Reuters.com.

Brazil shipped 2.47 million tonnes of poultry worth $2.6 billion in 2004, overtaking the United States as the top poultry exporter.

"We are updating emergency sanitary measures with greater emphasis on bird flu," Inacio Afonso Kroetz, acting secretary of animal and plant protection, told Reuters.
Brazil's contingency plan, due to be finalized by this weekend, would reinforce airport controls. Brazilian poultry production would be regionalized so that if bird flu was found, eradication measures, such as slaughter of birds, could be more easily restricted to the infected area.

A similar measure exists for foot-and-mouth disease. The aim is to allow importing countries to ban poultry purchases only from the infected area, not from all Brazil.

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