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October 03, 2005

Real news: politician demands honesty

Many thanks to the reader who supplied me with a link to another English-language Indonesian source: Tempointeraktif.com. It's a weekly, so it's not always going to be always up to date, but here's an excerpt from a September 30 story:

East Nusa Tenggara governor Piet A. Tallo has requested technical institutions handling health and farming matters to be honest and tell the general public if they find the avian influenza virus in any poultry farming locations.

This request was made following controversy between staff reports and findings in the field regarding the spread of the deadly virus in one of the poultry farms in the regency of Lasiana, Kupang.

"If there is any bird flu among poultry in Kupang and other regions, technical officers must tell the truth. Do not lie, because this involves human lives," Tallo told reporters at the East Nusa Tenggara Regional House of Representatives (DPRD) building on Thursday (29/09).

lo has already learned informally that H5N1 is present. Kupang, you'll be sorry to hear, is at the western tip of West Timor, the part of the island still in Indonesian hands. It is about 700 miles and six major islands east of Jakarta.

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