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October 18, 2005

Scottish plan to kill birds unveiled as virus spreads

The Scotsman reports a Scottish plan to kill birds unveiled as virus spreads.

The grim details were contained in a 67-page document outlining how Scotland would respond to an outbreak north of the Border. The plan was published yesterday as Greece became the latest European country to report a case of bird flu, as the virus continued its spread across the Continent. A strain of the virus was confirmed on the Aegean island of Oinouses while urgent tests are still being carried out on dead birds found in Croatia and Bulgaria. Twelve swans have also tested positive for bird flu in a second cluster in Romania.

While we worry about the outbreak of human avian flu, we don't think enough about what an ecological disaster this has already become: untold millions of wild and domestic birds dead of disease or slaughter, and who knows how many families, from Indonesia to the Aegean, impoverished by the loss of their chickens and ducks.

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