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November 15, 2005

Bird Flu Panic

standardcover.jpgIf you're absolutely, totally convinced that you'll be the only person in your block left alive after the inevitable H5N1 pandemic then don't bother to read this Weekly Standard article by Michael Fumento. His well researched and documented piece puts the fear mongering and scare tactics of the popular media into perspective and should be required study for anyone who is prone to mass hysteria fueled by Breaking News Headlines IN ALL CAPS!.

For the rest of us, Fumento does an excellent job of posing and answering the pertinent questions ("How likely is avian flu to become readily communicable between humans? How contagious would it be? What interventions could be taken if it did become pandemic? How deadly would it be?") as well as providing a historical overview of various recent flu outbreaks and pandemics.

My advice is to take two cups of coffee and read the article. Call or write if you don't feel better almost immediately.

Thanks to Michelle Malkin.

Posted by dymaxion at November 15, 2005 11:44 AM

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