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November 23, 2005

Chart of those Chinese quarantined, ill, and dead from H5N1 avian influenza, broken down by province (Source: Boxun News)Avian Flu Watch Photo Pool

Quip has added a photo to the pool:

Chart of those Chinese quarantined, ill, and dead from H5N1 avian influenza, broken down by province (Source: Boxun News)

There are detailed but unconfirmed reports that have come out of China, that the number of people ill and dead from the H5N1 avian influenza virus is far, far more than just the official count of 2 ill, 1 dead. If true, it means that the avian influenza pandemic may already have begun within China's borders.

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Statistics on Avian Flu, which is spreading in many parts of China, including the actual number of the infected and the dead, were published on Nov. 14 at Boxun.com, a China-related news site.

According to their expose, the number of fatalities in this year up to Nov 12, totals 310 from 13 different provinces, and the number of the quarantined people is 5,554 in total, contrary to the official announcement from Chinese authorities.

Moreover, the numbers in the statistics are lower than the actual ones. These numbers were 'approved' by the Cabinet. The data were provided by an high-level official of Chinese Health Ministry, and it was not revealed the manner in which they came to receive this statistic.

According to the source, since 2004, deadly epidemics are breaking out in many parts of China, including Avian Flu. Since 2005, military was put in charge of epidemic control, leading to tightened information blackout. This kept the accurate report on epidemic situation from coming out to the international community.

The source also said that, the announcement by Chinese Health Ministry is also masking the real situation by resorting to 'technical treatment' or 'unique academic modification and interpretation.' Even when they allow foreign experts or international organizations into China for inspection, they can do it only under Chinese authorities' supervision, which made it almost impossible to uncover the real truth.

Right now, the spread of Avian Flu has become the serious situation in many places of China, and each provincial government is given clear instruction on handling the crisis and keeping out the information.

Currently, Chinese Cabinet and Supreme Military Command issued an instruction, "Anyone suspected to be infected by Avian Flu, or really infected ones should be all confined to designated medical facilities and its report be made to higher government immediately. It is strictly prohibited to reveal information on (Avian Flu) infection without approval of the Cabinet. Any violators will be disciplined and fired or held accountable by further means."

The source also mentioned another authorities' instruction, which says, "If a patient dies (of Avian Flu), you cannot record Avian Flu or H5N1 as a cause of death. A patient suffering infectious respiratory disease, but who did not get treatment at designated medical facilities will not receive assistance such as health insurance. The medical facility which treated this patient will also receive stiff sanction.

(Source of quote) (link to original Chinese Boxun report with chart pictured above, of people quarantined, ill and dead broken down by province)

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Then, Dr. Masato Tashiro, director of the WHO Collaborating Center on Influenza at the National Institute of Infectious Diseases, Tokyo, and head of the Department of Virology of Japan's National Institute of Infectious Disease, reported almost 100% identical information at a virologists' meeting, which he said had been given to him by a reliable source while he was travelling to China a few days ago: "What you see here is an inofficial, unpublished report from China about the H5N1 infections in China." (link to full German text)

The German news media are all over this story, which was first published the respected and widely-read newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

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