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November 18, 2005

Ho Chi Minh City braces for human flu

The hospitals in Ho Chi Minh City (once known as Saigon) are preparing for a human pandemic of avian flu, according to Thanh Nien Daily.

At the Pediatric Hospital I, a special unit has been set up comprising of 20 doctors and 20 nurses. Yesterday, the hospital conducted a mock exercise to respond to bird flu cases.

Its director, Tang Chi Thuong, said the hospital was making emergency preparations for a possible pandemic. Since the hospital was always full of children, he said the flu could spread quickly if H5N1 victims came in waves and he did not have appropriate measures in place.

Another children's facility, the Pediatric Hospital II, has trained all its staff, from drivers to guards, to protect themselves against infection. It also has more than 1,000 tamiflu pills.

Pham Ngoc Thach Hospital, a newcomer in the fight against the epidemic, even has a separate toilet for bird flu patients.

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