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December 14, 2005

Brazil stocks up on Tamiflu

Via Brazzil Magazine: Brazil gets 90 million doses of Tamiflu.

Brazilian Minister of Health, Saraiva Felipe, reports that the country now has over 90 million doses of Tamiflu, the only known effective drug for that kind of flu.

Tamiflu is a vaccine[sic] that can be given to people who have bird flu, or used preventatively on people who do not have the symptoms.

Brazil also has 46 so-called sentinel units in place around the country which can analyze types of viruses so that the proper vaccines can be made available.

More sentinel units are scheduled to be operating by the beginning of next year. Each state will have at least one unit.

b>Thanks to the bright-eyed reader, more alert than I, who noted that Tamiflu is not a vaccine.

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