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December 21, 2005

Bird flu hits central Vietnam province - Thanh Nien Daily

Bird flu hits central Vietnam province
Thanh Nien Daily, Vietnam - 2 hours ago
... the latest province in Vietnam to be hit by bird flu as a local official said Wednesday specimens taken from local ducks tested positive for the H5N1 strain. ...

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Hospitals as money-losing businesses in a pandemic

Via Medica.de, a story with an angle I hadn't considered before: Economic Cost to Hospitals Likely to Be Huge. I usually worry about the collateral damage of hospitals too swamped to look after their usual patients. The problem here is that those patients are paying customers, staying away in droves:

"If avian flu occurred in the U.S., a large financial loss would probably be borne by the treating institution unless the government offsets losses not covered by insurance," Romeis says.

"We may be reasonably well prepared to respond to the clinical aspects of the epidemic, but may be inadequately prepared for the economic and operational impact. What will not be reimbursed is the lost business at hospitals, and those indirect losses can be enormous."

Romeis made his observations based on the impact of SARS on the Taiwanese health care system in 2002-2003. He found that patients there delayed care, postponed elective procedures and stayed away from the emergency rooms of hospitals known to treat SARS patients because they were afraid of contracting the disease.

"For instance, during the peak of the SARS crisis, the National Taiwan University Hospital's number of surgeries dropped from 3,576 in May 2002 to 519 in May 2003, an astonishing decrease rate of 85 percent," he said. "At one point early in the epidemic, the hospital temporarily closed down its emergency room."

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Details on China's first avian flu case

Via a site called Ivanhoe's Medical Breakthroughs, some details about the first case of avian flu in China.

Weizhong Yang, M.D., from the Chinese Center for Disease Control & Prevention in Beijing, and colleagues report a 12-year-old girl from Hunan, China, suffered from fever, sore throat and a cough on Oct. 8, 2005. She was diagnosed with acute respiratory distress syndrome and died nine days later.

Her 9-year-old brother also developed a fever and cough on Oct. 10, 2005 and was admitted to the hospital on Oct. 17. He responded to treatment including antiviral amantadine and was released from the hospital, symptom free, on Nov. 17.

The children came in close contact with 191 people, all of whom were tested and reported to be disease free. The family had 22 chickens and five ducks in cages near the bathroom and toilets of the house. Researchers report between Oct. 6 and Oct. 12, up to six birds died each day.

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House passes bird flu bill

Via CNN Money: House passes bird flu bill.

The U.S. House of Representatives early on Monday approved $3.78 billion to begin preparations for a possible avian flu epidemic.

The bill would also shield manufacturers of vaccines and drugs from lawsuits during an epidemic. The legislation, wrapped into an unrelated defense bill, still faces an uncertain fate in the Senate later this week.

The money would be used for stockpiling potential vaccine and drugs, training emergency officials and increasing international surveillance of the flu which has been sweeping through poultry flocks in Asia and more recently into eastern Europe.

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Indonesias Bird Flu Campain

... Dec. 21 (Bloomberg) — Indonesia’s planned door-to-door bird-flu surveillance will begin in Jakarta tomorrow, of the H5N1 avian flu strain in birds that increase the risk of the disease infecting humans and possibly ...

http://breakingnewsblog.com/birdflu">Bird Flu News Blog Technorati this

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Bird Flu - Vietnamese teenager confirmed with H5N1 bird flu

... Vietnamese teenager confirmed with H5N1 bird flu Reuters AlertNet, UK - Nov 22, 2005 HANOI, Nov 22 (Reuters) - A Vietnamese teenager has been confirmed with the H5N1 bird flu virus, health officials said 19, 2005 The deadly H5N1 strain of the virus that causes bird flu has accounted for 71 deaths ...

m/birdflu/birdflu.html">Bird Flu Technorati this

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people's daily online -- china, who sign virus co-op deal

A draft agreement on China's commitment to share virus samples isolated from human H5N1 cases with the World Health Organization (WHO) was signed yesterday in Beijing . The agreement was signed by the WHO and the Chinese Ministry Health when Shigeru Omi, the WHO's regional director for the Western Pacific, visited the ministry and the Chinese Centre for Disease Control and Prevention yesterday... Hunan Province, which in November recorded China's first human H5N1 case. A senior US health official

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people's daily online -- feverish woman in singapore cleared of avian flu

A feverish woman who were isolated at Singapore 's Communicable Disease Center (CDC) following a recent trip to Vietnam has been cleared of avian flu. The 38-year-old Vietnamese woman, who married to a Singaporean, has tested negative for the H5N1 virus, which causes avian flu, Channel NewsAsia reported on Sunday. The woman, who complained of fever and giddiness, went to a clinic near her home on Saturday and was finally transferred to the CDC as a precautionary measure because she had

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December 19, 2005

David Nabarro's latest statements

``This H5N1 virus is slowly changing though genetic ressortment or mutation,'' Nabarro said. ``The change is slow, but if this virus undergoes the change that leads to sustained human-to-human transmission, then we have a major problem. ...

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Romania detects new suspected bird flu case - Reuters AlertNet

Malaysia Star
Romania detects new suspected bird flu case
Reuters AlertNet, UK - 1 hour ago
... first discovered 300 km from Bucharest. Nine cases have been confirmed as the highly pathogenic H5N1 strain. But the disease has not ...
More cases of bird flu detected in Romania Forbes
Romania detects new H5 bird flu case in southeast province Bucharest Daily News
New cases of bird flu reported in Romania Xinhua
Reuters AlertNet - People's Daily Online - all 28 related

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Singapore isolates feverish woman

Via Thanh Nien Daily: Feverish woman isolated as "precaution" after trip to Vietnam.

A Vietnamese woman who got a fever after a recent trip to Vietnam has been isolated at Singapore's Communicable Disease Center (CDC), Channel NewsAsia reported Saturday night.

The 38-year-old woman, who is married a Singaporean, went to a clinic near her home on Saturday and was finally transferred to the CDC by ambulance, during which N95 masks and full protective clothing were used.

b> According to People's Daily Online, the woman has now been cleared of avian flu.

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A futures market in avian flu?

The New York Times reports on Intrade, a kind of futures market where people are Betting on Bird Flu.

Given its track record, the latest contract is enough to give pause: according to the current betting line, there is a 65 percent chance that someone in the United States will contract bird flu by March.

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Local tests show Indonesian boy died of bird flu - Reuters.ukGoogle News U.K.

Local tests show Indonesian boy died of bird flu
Reuters.uk - ago
JAKARTA (Reuters) - An eight-year-old Indonesian boy has died from the H5N1 strain of bird flu according to local tests, a Health Ministry official said on Monday. Hariadi Wibisono, head of a department charged ...
Indonesia says local tests show boy died of bird flu Bangkok Post
World Is Losing Battle to Combat Bird Flu, UN Official Says Bloomberg
China Daily - Jakarta Post - Reuters AlertNet - BBC News - all 117 related

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Setting compensation seen as key in bird flu fightKeralaNext:

PARIS, - Compensation for farmers whose poultry is culled to contain bird flu needs to be high enough to encourage them to report the disease but not at levels that could incite false claims, a top veterinary official said. The H5N1 strain of avian influenza has killed more than 70 people in Asia and and led to the culling of millions of poultry in the region. It has now spread to birds in eastern Europe. Experts believe migratory birds have carried the virus over long distances and fear that Africa could be the next hot spot.

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Brasovul in alerta aviara

... , Rotbav şi Ţara Făgăraşului, care sunt monitorizate permanent. Dacă se va descoperi prezenţa H5N1 la... intrare. Descoperirea unui focar de H5N1 în judeţul Buzău a pus pe jar autorităţile buzoiene, şi într..., Gheorghe Puchianu. Trei zone din judeţul Braşov sunt predispuse la contactarea virusului H5N1 ...

Stirile zilei Technorati this

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... 2005年12月19日 11月以降、中国におけるH5N1のヒト感染例の発表が続いている(http://idsc.nih.go.jp/disease/avian_influenza/toriinf-whoup.html)。5つの省・自治区(湖南、安徽、広西、遼寧、江西)から確定症例が報告されており、全土に拡大している可能性がある。これに関して、11月末に中国の高強衛生相が「鳥...可能性はないだろうか。地域住民へのタミフルの予防投与もかなりの数に上るかもしれない。通常インフルエンザがすべてH5N1に思われるかもしれない。現場では、どうも病床確保以前の対策が問われるような気がして ...

保健福祉の現場から Technorati this

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Muere niño en Indonesia por gripe aviaria

... primeras pruebas realizadas dieron positivo al H5N1, la cepa más patógena de la enfermedad, informó ...

ABN - Agencia Bolivariana de Noticias Technorati this

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Customs Agents Seize Counterfeit Tamiflu

of the American public." The H5N1 strain of the bird flu virus has ravaged poultry stocks in Asia and killed

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NIH tests LIVE H5N1 virus for inhaled flu vaccine!

vaccine frontier may not just protect against the bird flu strain, called H5N1, considered today s top

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isn security watch - indonesian boy dies of bird flu

ISN SECURITY WATCH (Monday, 19 December: 13.10 CET) ? Indonesia has reported the death of an eight-year-old boy from the H5N1 strain of bird flu according to local tests, a Health Ministry official said on Monday. Local test results had yet to be confirmed by a Hong Kong laboratory affiliated with the World Health Organization (WHO), but this latest incident brings the total of deaths from bird... a 39-year-old man died of bird flu last week. Since late 2003, the H5N1 virus is known to have

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China Reports 6th Human Case of Bird Flu

(AP) BEIJING China reported its sixth human bird flu case Friday as Indonesia awaited tests that could confirm its tenth human victim. Chinese state media said a 35-year-old man in eastern China had become infected with the potentially deadly H5N1 strain of the virus after an outbreak was reported in ducks in his village. The self-employed vendor, identified only by his surname, Guo, fell ill... man's relatives and neighbors to see if they contracted the H5N1 strain. The virus has ravaged poultry

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radio australia - news - birdflu hits malawi

The deaths of thousands of birds in the Southern African country of Malawi have raised fears of a bird flu outbreak. Africa Correspondent Zoe Daniel reports Malawi is the third country in Africa to report a bird flu scare. Both Kenya and Ethiopia also tested for the deadly H5N1 strain of flu after a high number of bird deaths, but no trace of flu has yet been found on the continent. In Malawi thousands of birds have died about 200 kilometres East of the capital Lilongwe. Authorities believe

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Sanofi Pasteur on vaccine progress

Sanofi Pasteur, the vaccine unit of drug maker Sanofi-Aventis , announced the preliminary results of the Phase I trial among 300 healthy volunteers in France. Governments around the world are attempting to halt a growing outbreak of H5N1 bird flu and prevent an influenza pandemic from developing. The virus has killed 71 people out of 138 known human cases, all of them in Asia. Signficantly, the drug maker said its vaccine proved effective when given at a lower dose than

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Two new human cases suspected in Indonesia and Vietnam

spokesman Ilham Patu, told AFP. He had shown symptoms of carrying the potentially deadly H5N1... of his white blood cell count, Patu said. H5N1 links to a Reuters article claiming.... Addendum: more recent media reports claim the Vietnamese toddler did not die from H5N1.

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Ukraine considers full Crimea quarantine to halt bird flu

KIEV, Dec 17 (Reuters) - Ukrainian officials on Saturday considered imposing a quarantine throughout the Crimea peninsula to contain an outbreak of the potentially deadly H5N1 strain of bird flu affecting more than a dozen villages. Agriculture Ministry spokesman Oleksander Horobets said... detected in Crimea was H5N1, which is potentially dangerous to humans. He said Agriculture Minister... seasonal flu. Cases of H5N1 have also been detected in adjacent Romania and Russia. Romanian officials

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December 14, 2005

Indonesia reports new suspected human H5N1 cases

The Jakarta Post belatedly confirms a ninth human fatality from avian flu, but the real story is that new patients have been reported.

Meanwhile, Sulianti Saroso Hospital spokesman Ilham Patu said that five new suspected bird flu patients were admitted overnight on Monday and Tuesday from several areas of Jakarta.

"We now have a total of six patients being treated for suspected bird flu infections," Patu told AFP.

Some of the five admitted, he said, were in a worse condition than the sixth patient, a 23-year-old woman who has been in intensive care for the past few days.

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Two new human cases suspected in Indonesia and VietnamAvian Flu - What we need to know

A 39-year-old Indonesian man "strongly suspected" of being infected with the deadly bird flu virus has died in hospital, a medical spokesman said here.

If confirmed, the man would be the 10th fatality from avian influenza in Indonesia. Five other infections have been confirmed here but the patients have survived.

The latest suspected victim came from South Jakarta and was admitted Monday to the Sulianti Saroso hospital, Indonesia's main bird flu treatment centre, but died on Tuesday, hospital spokesman Ilham Patu, told AFP.

He had shown symptoms of carrying the potentially deadly H5N1 bird flu strain, such as high fever and respiratory difficulties and had been moved from a private hospital in South Jakarta.

"He also showed another key symptom of bird flu infection, a rapid lowering of his white blood cell count," Patu said.


H5N1 links to a Reuters article claiming that a toddler from Vietnam's southern province of Hau Giang is believed to have died of bird flu.

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Probable Person-to-Person Transmission of Avian Influenza A (H5N1)

... Chunsutthiwat, M.D., M.P.H. ABSTRACT Background During 2004, a highly pathogenic avian influenza A (H5N1... and nasopharyngeal and throat swabs from the aunt were positive for influenza A (H5N1) by RT-PCR. No additional... viral gene segments clustered closely with other H5N1 sequences from recent avian isolates ...

InfectoNews Technorati this

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Brazil stocks up on Tamiflu

Via Brazzil Magazine: Brazil gets 90 million doses of Tamiflu.

Brazilian Minister of Health, Saraiva Felipe, reports that the country now has over 90 million doses of Tamiflu, the only known effective drug for that kind of flu.

Tamiflu is a vaccine[sic] that can be given to people who have bird flu, or used preventatively on people who do not have the symptoms.

Brazil also has 46 so-called sentinel units in place around the country which can analyze types of viruses so that the proper vaccines can be made available.

More sentinel units are scheduled to be operating by the beginning of next year. Each state will have at least one unit.

b>Thanks to the bright-eyed reader, more alert than I, who noted that Tamiflu is not a vaccine.

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Bird flu in Libya

Bird flu in Libya (info)
http://www.khaleejtimes.com/DisplayArticle.asp?xfile=data/middleeast/2005/D ecember/middleeast_December307.xml&section=middleeast&col
But H5N1 or not? "BENGHAZI — Although Libyan authorities repeatedly denied the presence of the bird flu virus on Libyan soil, Libyan media sources on Friday disclosed that it has a copy of documents, which prove that the Libyan security ministry and senior officials of the Inspection and Control Department were aware and admitted to the Libyan Prime Minister, Dr Shukri Ghanim, that the bird flu virus is widespread in a number of Libyan poultry farms in the Benghazi region (North-East Libya)."
Posted by Declan to Libya AvianFlu on Mon Dec 12 2005 at 22:14 UTC

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Thai authorities unsure how latest victim contacted H5N1

Last Friday Thailand announced a 5 year old boy was the country's latest H5N1 victim. Here is a brief update on the investigation that followed the boy's death: 27 people who had contact with lad in Nakhon Nayok test ?negative?. Initial tests on people who had been in contact with the country?s latest human case of bird flu have cooled fears of a human-to-human outbreak, though it remains unclear how the infection was transmitted. None of the blood samples drawn from people who had

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Indonesia confirms 9th death

We have received confirmation. (The death toll) is now nine, Hariadi Wibisono told Reuters about the findings on a 35-year-old man who died last month, making him the latest confirmed death in Indonesia, the world's fourth-most populous nation. Another senior health ministry official told Reuters the man lived in West Jakarta where he had contact with live chickens that carried the H5N1.... Researchers tested those birds and they were positive carriers of H5N1, said I Nyoman Kandun

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cadena ser : noticias

Mi rcoles , 14 de diciembre de 2005 . Actualizado a las 13:34 El Ministerio ucraniano de Sanidad confirm? hoy que el virus letal H5N1 de la gripe aviar ha sido detectado en once aldeas de la pen?nsula de Crimea. El virus fue confirmado por las pruebas de laboratorio efectuadas en once de las 25 aldeas de esta pen?nsula del Mar Negro en las que se ha registrado la muerte de aves, seg?n inform? una portavoz del Ministerio, Anna Trubachova. Gran V a, 32. 28013 Madrid. Tel: 34 91 347 07 00

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Ukraine says deadly bird flu in new villages

KIEV (Reuters) - Bird flu, including the H5N1 strain dangerous to humans, has spread to new villages in Ukraine's Crimea peninsula, officials said on Wednesday. Both Belarus, Ukraine's northern neighbor, and Bulgaria across the Black Sea slapped bans on imports adding to measures put in place... villages in Crimea, it said, with the H5N1 strain confirmed in 11. Nearly 54,000 birds had been... confirmation of the presence of H5N1 from a laboratory in Britain later in the week. Cases of H5N1 have

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December 12, 2005

Nieuw geval van H5N1 vastgesteld in Roemenië

Bij een nieuwe geval van vogelgriep dat eind vorge maand in Roemenië is geconstateerd, gaat het om de gevaarlijke virusvariant H5N1. Dat hebben de Britse autoriteiten laten weten. Monsters met materiaal van de besmette kalkoen zijn onderzocht in een Brits laboratorium.

De kalkoen was afkomstig van een boerderij in het dorpje Scarlatesti, ruim 100 kilometer ten westen van het gebied waar voor het eerst een geval van H5N1 in Roemenië werd ontdekt. De afgelopen maanden zijn er al meerdere uitbraken van dit type virus vastgesteld in dorpen in de Donau-delta.

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China hiding bird-flu cases?

The Globe and Mail gave me a shock this morning with a prominent story: China hiding bird-flu cases: expert.

The reporter, Geoffrey York, is a well-known journalist, and the story is based on claims by Hong Kong virologist Dr. Guan Yi:

"Quite honestly, some provinces have the virus and they still haven't announced any outbreak. I can show direct evidence, even though China is still trying very hard to block my research. The government doesn't do any surveillance studies, but they say there is no outbreak."

He gave the example of Yunnan province, in southwestern China, which shares a border with Vietnam. More than 90 people have died from the bird-flu virus in Vietnam, yet the Yunnan officials denied any outbreak of bird flu in their province until Nov. 17. In reality, the virus has been circulating in Yunnan for months, according to Dr. Guan's data.

all very exciting stuff, and Guan Yi as I recall has blown the whistle before on Chinese cove-ups. But "more than 90" dead of H5N1 in Vietnam alone? All the sources I see give a total in the low 40s, with just over 70 fatalities in all nations combined.

Maybe this is just a goof by the reporter, even a typo. The story is certainly worth reading and considering, but don't take it as the New Revelation.

Update: I wrote to Geoffrey York about the 90-deaths statement, and got a prompt response:

As for my story, I thought the Vietnam reference was to "human cases" rather than "human deaths". If my story said the latter, it should have been the former, and an error may have crept in somewhere along the line.

And indeed Vietnam has officially announced 93 cases of avian flu, with 42 deaths. With that cleared up, York's story becomes a major challenge to the credibility of the Chinese government.

It also raises questions about what other governments and agencies know or suspect. Is WHO being diplomatically silent, or does it really not know anything? Do the US and Europe believe what they've been told about human cases in China? And what about China's neighbours—Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, the Koreas, and Japan (not to mention Russia and the central Asian republics)?

If they know the Chinese are covering up again, what's their motivation for being so tactful? And if the Chinese aren't covering up, how do we assess Guan Yi's findings?

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Britain could grind to a halt in a bird flu pandemic

Depend upon it, Sir, when a man knows he is to be hanged in a fortnight, it concentrates his mind wonderfully.—Dr. Samuel Johnson, 1777

In between sessions of grading my students' work, I surf the Web this weekend and find increasing evidence of minds becoming wonderfully concentrated indeed.

A case in point: An Observer story on Guardian Unlimited that warns Britain could grind to a halt in a bird flu pandemic, experts fear. It's a preview of a report that the British House of Lords is expected to make public next Friday:

A pandemic would last for between three and four months and infect an estimated 25 per cent of the population so, according to government estimates, up to 7 per cent of staff would be off at any one time.

But some companies think the real rate of absenteeism would be far higher - up to 60 per cent off at any one time.

Kevin Hawkins, director of the British Retail Consortium, told the committee last month the great vulnerability would be a shortage of lorry drivers to distribute food: 'I think our main challenge would be to keep the food supply chain going.'

Other industry figures were worried about 'cascades of failure', such as the impact if mobile phone networks were closed down by a major power failure across London.

The health service, however, has spent the past year developing detailed plans to keep services running. The World Health Organisation has said Britain and France are in the forefront of developed nations with advanced plans for such an emergency.

om WHO are always welcome, but "cascades of failure" is the phrase that resonates. Whether it's from inside knowledge of Chinese cover-ups, or just thinking it through, some people in our governments appear to be concentrating very hard.

And if that weren't enough, consider another Observer story:

The financial crisis gripping the NHS has been laid bare in an extraordinary email sent from a senior civil servant in the Department of Health, which tells officials to ignore ministers' promises on spending. It also threatens staff with disciplinary action if they disobey an order to freeze new investment. The email - details of which have been obtained by The Observer - was sent at the end of last month from the office of Sir Liam Donaldson, the chief medical officer.

It promises to sound the death knell for a range of public health programmes set up to tackle everything from alcohol abuse and cancer screening to sexually-transmitted diseases and obesity. Health experts believe the spending freeze could even hit attempts to reduce deadly MRSA outbreaks in hospitals and affect contingency planning in the event of an outbreak of bird flu. (My emphasis.)

d Kingdom is too poor to live, we should all be thinking as if we were to be hanged in a fortnight.

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Thais plan health-budget cut

A story in the Bangkok Post reports, astonishingly, that the government plans a huge cut in its public-health ministry budget. The Disease Control Department is fighting the move: Planned B3bn cut from health `would hurt bird flu fight' .

Three billion baht is about $70 million US. Thailand has been staring down the barrel of a pandemic for years. If they seriously think they can't afford to sustain the fight, we're going to see an ironic replay of the old "domino theory"—but instead of succumbing to communism, Southeast Asia will just succumb, period.

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Bird Flu Site Tracks Spread Of H5N1 Avian Flu WorldwidePR Web (The Free Wire Service) America - Post 9/11

Bird Flu Beacon discovers most damaging evidence to date of an alleged bird flu cover-up in China. [PRWEB Dec 12, 2005]

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Pandemic Flu: the race and class issuesViolette's Page

By Hillel Cohen

November 3, 2005

Will preparations for pandemic flu incorporate important lessons from Hurricane Katrina?

President Bush unveiled a $7.1 billion plan that concentrates on expanding production and stockpiles of vaccine and antiviral medicine. It may still fall far short of what is needed.

The Bush plan has prioritized protection of pharmaceutical company profits with broad protection against liability suits but did not suggest how low-income families without prescription medicine coverage will pay for medications. Conspicuously absent was a proposal for emergency licenses for generic versions of antiviral drugs to increase supplies at lower cost.

Moreover, while vaccines and antivirals undoubtedly have an important role in preparing for an epidemic, to believe that acquiring and stockpiling medicine will answer the problem is to believe that the Katrina evacuation failed because the country had too few vehicles to transport all the residents of New Orleans.

Similarly, the desperate conditions in the Superdome and Convention Center did not come about because the United States doesn't have adequate supplies of food, water and sanitation facilities. The problem was not lack of resources, but rather an infrastructure and government unable to make those resources available in a timely manner to those who needed them most. And at the root of this problem, as the television images made starkly clear, were issues of race and class.

During Katrina, race and class determined who had the resources to evacuate in time. In the event of an outbreak of pandemic flu, race and class will impact how the pandemic spreads and how effective the response will be.

Socioeconomic factors, particularly race and class, are almost always among the top predictors of who gets sick and who dies of infectious diseases like flu, tuberculosis and AIDS or chronic illnesses such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes. Race and class identify those who have the weakest immune systems, those who live in environments with the unhealthiest conditions, those who have the least resources to cope with crises and those who have the least access to health information, preventive care, medical services and medications.

For example, Mr. Bush directed the public to a Web site to get advice but didn't suggest how people without internet access will be informed.

In a serious flu outbreak, people may be instructed to stay home. But what about workers who don't get paid sick leave? Where will those who live paycheck-to-paycheck get money for food, rent and heat? Families with higher incomes have cupboards filled with groceries and supplies. Poorer families will run out in a day or two. People with cars might get to food and medicine distribution centers. Those who require public transportation will be forced to risk greater infection rates in the closed quarters of buses and trains, assuming these are even available.

If businesses remain open but schools are closed, who will watch the kids of working parents? When emergency rooms are overwhelmed, who will have access to private physician offices? Despite increased production, will there be enough antiviral medication, and at what cost? Will an underground market quickly emerge to make medicine available only to those with the most cash or connections? Will government distributions consciously or unconsciously prioritize the wealthier, more politically powerful communities?

The government could mandate employers to pay sick leave for workers who are ill or must care for children. Food stores could be mandated to distribute subsidized food and medicine where needed.

In light of harsh criticism of the delay in federal response to Katrina, Mr. Bush last month proposed rapid military involvement in the event of a pandemic. But such a proposal is more frightening than reassuring? Is the administration making contingency plans for what could be tantamount to martial law? If so, martial law could itself be an incalculable disaster to public health as well as civil liberties. A photo of flooded New Orleans in which whites were carrying groceries was captioned "Getting provisions" while an identical one with blacks was captioned "Looting." Will armed soldiers react to similarly prejudiced perceptions?

It is too soon to tell whether H5N1, or avian flu, will transform into the human pandemic that many fear or whether it will pass like the 1976 swine flu. But it is already clear that failure to account for racial and economic inequalities can have deadly consequences in the event of any public health emergency.

Epidemics and natural disasters are inevitable, but repeating mistakes and ignoring lessons are not. For decades, public health infrastructure has been allowed to crumble and frantic catch-up measures will be too little and too late if the lessons from Katrina are not learned. Recognizing the role of race and class in disease and enrolling and empowering local communities to overcome the effects of social inequality must be part of any effective pandemic preparedness plan.

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Americans And Europeans Migrating To Canada For Tamiflu Roche Sales Skyrocket1.3 PRNN e-Commerce (PR NEWS NOW)

( document scanner ) This week the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) reported a 10-fold increase in Tamiflu orders from Canadian Pharmacies in the past month Tamiflu is the only drug known to treat the deadly H5N1 Avian Flu virusWorldwide orders for Tamiflu are coming ...

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Something Wicked This Way Comes3quarksdaily

John Allen Paulos told me the following joke: "Q: Why did the chicken cross the road?"

"A: To cause a global pandemic."

Robert Dorit reviews The Monster at Our Door: The Global Threat of Avian Flu by Mike Davis, in American Scientist:

ChickenAs Davis points out, the concentration of economic power and influence in huge poultry conglomerates militates against a rapid and rational response to outbreaks of bird flu. In chilling detail, The Monster at Our Door exposes the political pressures exerted on the government of Thailand by Charoen Pokphand (CP), the country's dominant poultry concern. These pressures have slowed the reporting of avian influenza, obstructed the monitoring of chicken and duck facilities, and limited efforts to cull infected flocks in order to prevent the spread of disease. They have also redirected the government's control measures onto the few remaining small farmers who raise chickens, often forcing them out of business and thus further tightening CP's food monopoly in Thailand. (This story of political corruption and influence is not without its surrealistic touches: In 2004, the Thai ambassador to Moscow offered to barter 250,000 tons of Thai chicken—the shipment would have begun with 60,000 tons of chicken possibly contaminated with H5N1—in exchange for Russian Sukhoi Su-30 fighter aircraft. The offer was declined.)

More here.

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В Таиланде 5-летний мальчик умер от "птичьего" гриппаЯндекс.Новости: В мире

От заболевания вирусом H5N1, способным поражать человека, скончался пятилетний мальчик.
Вьетнам также объявил о двух новых вспышках заболевания, и Китай доложил о пятом случае заболевания человека.

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Pandemie (39) Vietnamees dokter die tientallen vogelgriep patiënten behandelde: “Tamiflu is waardeloos”

... Dr. Nguyen Tuong Van leidt de intensieve zorg eenheid van het Instituut voor Tropische Ziekten in Hanoï. Hij behandelde 41 slachtoffers van het vogelgriep virus (H5N1) en zag geen effect. De Vietnamese arts heeft ook ervaring met het behandelen van SARS slachtoffers. De enige behandeling die hielp ...

Welkom op de weblog van Dirk Van Duppen Technorati this

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... 。 因此,H5N1型禽流感病毒是一种具有大流行潜力的毒株,因为它最终可能变异为一种在人类中传染的毒株。一旦发生突变,它将不再是一种禽鸟病毒,而将成为一种人类流感病毒。流感大流行是由一种能够使人类致病的新流感病毒所引发...。 3. 世界可能处在另一次流感大流行的边缘。 卫生专家几乎用8年的时间对一种新的极为严重的流感病毒 - H5N1型毒株进行了监测H5N1型毒株首次于1997年在香港传染给人类...。如果H5N1型病毒发展为向普通流感一样具有传染性,则可能发生大流行。 4. 所有的国家均将受到感染。 一旦一种完全具有感染性的病毒出现,它势必在全球传播。各国可以通过诸如关闭边界和旅行限制等措施推迟病毒的进入 ...

包子的笼屉 Technorati this

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Romania finds bird flu cases outside Danube delta

been confirmed as the highly pathogenic H5N1 strain, the most recent showing the virus appears to be edging west towards more populated areas. H5N1 is endemic in poultry in parts

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Roche Picks Tamiflu Partners

to come from Asia, where the H5N1 virus associated with avian flu has already been detected in the human population in several countries, including China , Indonesia , Thailand ,

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Japan Pledges $135 Million to Prepare for Southeast Asia Bird Flu Pandemic

how to control outbreaks of the H5N1 avian flu strain, which has infected at least 137 people and killed 70 in Asia, according to World Health Organization statistics. The region

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December 10, 2005

Bird flu kills young Thai boy - deputy ministerBig News Network.com - Thailand News

BANGKOK (Reuters) - Bird flu has killed a 5-year-old Thai boy, the country's 14th victim of the deadly virus, top health officials said on Friday."The boy was infected with the H5N1 virus," Deputy Hea...

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New case of bird flu found in Romania - Independent Online

Malaysia Star
New case of bird flu found in Romania
Independent Online, South Africa - 6 hours ago
Bucharest - A turkey that was found dead in eastern Romania three weeks ago has tested positive for the "highly pathogenic" H5N1 bird flu virus, an official of ...
New case of potentially deadly bird flu in Romania TODAYonline
Tests confirm infected Romanian turkey has H5N1 Reuters
Romania confirms new bird flu cases in poultry Reuters AlertNet
Daily Mail - UK - Reuters AlertNet - all 18 related

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Japan to cull 19,000 chickens exposed to bird flu - Reuters.uk

Japan to cull 19,000 chickens exposed to bird flu
Reuters.uk, UK - 15 hours ago
... division. Circumstances suggest the virus they were exposed to was not the virulent H5N1 strain, which has killed 70 people in Asia. ...
Festive travel raises the bird flu stakes ic Wales
Japan to cull 19,000 chickens after detecting signs of bird flu Ireland Online
Japanese authorities have ordered a cull of 19,000 more chickens ... TODAYonline
all 9 related

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Япония: будет уничтожено 19000 цыплятПОЛИТ.РУ: НОВОСТИ

В связи с подозрением на птичий грипп, в префектуре Ибараки к северу от Токио будут уничтожены 19 тысяч цыплят, сообщает РИА «Новости». По информации из местной администрации анализы мяса птиц показали наличие антител вырабатываемых организмом птиц для защиты от вируса гриппа H5N2. Самого вируса пока не обнаружено. Всего в этом районе из-за птичьего гриппа было уничтожено около 2,1 миллиона голов домашней птицы. На разработку и создание вакцины от вируса H5N1, являющегося причиной заболевания птичьим гриппом, правительство Японии ужу выделило 100 миллионов иен (около $850 тысяч). По различным оценкам, в случае начала эпидемии от смертельного вируса могут погибнуть от 170 до 640 тысяч человек.

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5th human case of bird flu in ChinaBig News Network.com - Hong Kong News

The Chinese Health Ministry on Thursday announced that a 31-year-old woman in Liaoning Province has tested positive for the H5N1 strain of bird flu, becoming the country's fifth confirmed human case o...

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H5N1 bird flu virus outbreaks in November 2005.Quip's Photos

Quip posted a photo:

H5N1 bird flu virus outbreaks in November 2005.

(to get the largest size, click on "All Sizes" in the menu above the map)

I took two FAO maps, one for the first half of November and one for the second half, and merged them together in PhotoShop. I added some arrows and descriptive text.

Note the widespread outbreaks all over China. The WHO has warned to expect more over the coming weeks.
More (serious AND funny) pictures, articles and links at the Avian Flu Watch group on Flickr, or at The Flu Clinic on CurEvents.com. Another good source of info is the FluWiki.

Educate yourself. Prepare youself. It's not too late!

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December 08, 2005

China reports new human case of avian flu

BEIJING A poultry worker in northeast China has tested positive for the H5N1 strain of bird flu, the government said Thursday, making her the country's fifth human case of the disease. The World Health Organization did not immediately confirm the case on its website. The WHO has listed four confirmed cases in China, including two deaths. The 31-year-old woman, surnamed Liu, was sickened Oct. 30 in Heishan County in Liaoning province, the official Xinhua news agency reported. She

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Henry Niman, worrying

Thus, of the 13 confirmed and 5 excluded [recent Indonesian] cases, 13 or over 72% of these cases were in familial clusters.

In contrast, only about 1/3 of the cases in southeast Asia were from familial clusters through the spring of this year.  This dramatic increase in cases from clusters shows that H5N1 is being more efficiently transmitted and this efficiency can also be seen in recent cases from China, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Here is the longer discussion.

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Indonesia Plays a Dangerous Game with Avian Flu: BLOG: SciAm Observations

Indonesia Plays a Dangerous Game with Avian Flu: BLOG: SciAm Observations (info)
http://blog.sciam.com/index.php?title=indonesia_plays_a_dangerous_game_with _av&more=1&c=1&tb=1&pb=1
Posted by Declan to NAMRU-2 INDONESIA AvianFlu on Thu Dec 08 2005 at 11:25 UTC

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Indonesia wants Navy lab’s flu vaccine

Indonesia wants Navy lab’s flu vaccine (info)

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Avian Flu Guidance

OSHA guidelines on Avian flu

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Scientific American: Preparing for a Pandemic

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Hospitals may help spread flu pandemic, group says - Reuters

Hospitals may help spread flu pandemic, group says
Reuters - 4 hours ago
... The H5N1 avian influenza spreading through poultry in Asia and parts of Europe, including Ukraine, is considered the worst threat now. ...

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Ready or not? Not.

The Trust for America's Health has just released Ready or Not? It's a survey of American preparedness, on the state level, for various kinds of public-health emergencies including a pandemic.

If the Bush administration has done poorly on the federal level, states aren't doing much better. This is a must-read document for Americans, and the rest of us would gain a lot from reading it also.

I've linked to the TFAH home page because it has a lot more worth reading about pandemic flu, including its November 1 statement on the administration's flu plan. I'm also linking the page to my H5N1 Crisis Planning & Management list.

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Ukraine says deadly bird flu strain found in Crimea (Reuters via Yahoo! Australia & NZ News)Yahoo! Australia & NZ News - Search Results for Romania News

KIEV (Reuters) - Ukraine said on Thursday it had detected the highly pathogenic type of bird flu that is dangerous to humans, the strain known as H5N1, quoting preliminary Russian data.

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More on threatened Indonesian flu lab closure

... of H5N1 have also been detected in pigs. This suggest the need for extensive monitoring of virus ...

Declan Butler, reporter Technorati this

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... they are the victims not vectors of H5N1 bird flu." 「野鳥の責任だとする仮説は、単純に、証明から程遠い」 とランズ博士は述べた。 「野鳥が感染した家禽と接触して死ぬ事は滅多にない。彼等は犠牲であってH5N1型ウイルスの媒介ではない」。 But Dr Joseph Domenech, chief veterinary officer at the UN...博士は、FAOもこれが集中すべき最も重要なエリアである事は合意する、と述べた。 Fears about the H5N1 virus have led to the slaughter ...

今日の覚書、集めてみました Technorati this

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鳥インフルエンザ 中国で5人目

... 産経より 中国で5人目の感染確認 遼寧省の女性、鳥インフルエンザ  新華社電によると、中国衛生省は8日、遼寧省錦州市黒山県で、同県の女性(31)が高病原性鳥インフルエンザ(H5N1型)に感染したことを確認したと発表した。中国で人への感染が確認されたのは5人目。  女性は10月30日に高熱などの症状を起こし、原因不明の肺炎と診断されたが、その後回復に向かい、11月29日に退院した。中国疾病予防コントロールセンターの検査で鳥インフルエンザ感染が確認された。  女性は発病前に、死んだ家禽(かきん)に接触していた。香港紙は女性は養鶏に従事、感染した家禽に接触したと伝え ...

無計画主義 Technorati this

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Bird Flu Pandemic Threatens to Cost U.S. Economy $675 Billion, Frist Says

and public-health officials are concerned the H5N1 avian influenza virus, which has infected millions of birds, will mutate into a form that spreads easily among humans. To contact

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repubblica.it news

Una contadina cinese di 31 anni e' risultata positiva al ceppo H5N1 dell'influenza aviaria. L'agenzia Xinhua ha riferito che la donna era stata ricoverata con sintomi simili a quelli della polmonite. La vittima aveva toccato carcasse di polli probabilmente infetti. Il caso, il quinto accertato nel Paese, si e' verificato nella contea di Heishan, provincia di Liaoning.

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December 07, 2005

World Bank discussion update

Last week I announced an avian flu Q&A hosted by the World Bank. The discussion thread is now closed and the transcripts are available online.

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WHO sees big gaps in bird flu surveillance

SINGAPORE, - The World Health Organisation's top bird flu expert in Asia said on Tuesday that a lack of equipment and expertise in the region's rural areas was limiting efforts to curb the spread of the disease. Laboratory facilities were limited in many countries, especially Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Indonesia and China where humans live in close contact with domestic and wild fowl, Hitoshi Oshitani, the WHO's communicable disease expert in Asia, told Reuters. The H5N1 avian flu virus has infected more than 130 people in five Asian countries and killed 69 of them since late 2003. Scientists fear the virus may mutate into a form that could be easily transmitted between humans, sparking a global pandemic.

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The Scientist :: Polymerase may be key to flu's virulence, Dec. 6, 2005

The Scientist :: Polymerase may be key to flu's virulence, Dec. 6, 2005 (info)

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Vietnam bans OTC sales of Tamiflu to build stockpile amid bird flu ... - Forbes

Thanh Nien Daily
Vietnam bans OTC sales of Tamiflu to build stockpile amid bird flu ...
Forbes - 10 hours ago
... The price of the medicine has skyrocketed these last weeks, reaching up to 70 usd for a box of 10 capsules amid increasing fears the H5N1 strain could create a ...
Tamiflu 'Useless' Against Avian Flu DisInfo.com
Bird flu drug useless: Vietnamese doctor Peninsula On-line
Vietnam bans Tamiflu sale to avoid overuse Reuters
all 16 related

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Looming tests to reveal state of flu-shot supply - CTV.ca

Looming tests to reveal state of flu-shot supply
CTV.ca, Canada - 1 hour ago
... are expected to release clinical trial findings that could have an enormous impact on how many people worldwide will have access to flu shots if H5N1 avian flu ...
Chemical could extend flu vaccine Globe and Mail
all 12 related

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Korean drug firms synthesize Tamiflu

According to the Digital Chosun Ilbo, Korean drug makers have synthesized Tamiflu. The story implies that with the drug in short supply from overseas producers, Korea will make and stockpile the synthetic version for home consumption. We can only hope that it will work better in Korea than it seems to be working in Vietnam.

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Bad news, good news from China

The World Health Organization warns that China can expect more outbreaks of avian flu, according to a story in Australia's Daily Telegraph. But it's not all bad news. The 10-year-old in Guangxi seems to be pulling through:

The girl was in a much better condition today, a deputy director of the Guangxi health department, Xu Guangbao, said.

"She has no more fever," Xu told AFP, adding there were no reports of other infections in the area.

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An Outbreak of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza Subtype H5N1 in Broiler Breeders, Korea.

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China reports new human case of bird flu

has tested positive for the deadly H5N1 virus, the government said Tuesday, making her the country's fourth reported human avian flu case. The World Health Organization, however,

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China confirma el cuarto caso de gripe aviar en humanos

... infección por el virus H5N1 han sido llevados a cabo por el Centro para la Prevención y Control de ...

Gripe aviar Technorati this

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... 世界卫生组织与联合国粮农组织推荐的一些主要措施: ① 不要让感染禽流感的禽类动物进入食物链; ② 不要吃来自禽流感疫区的禽类生肉、生血或生蛋; ③ 把生肉与熟食分开以避免病毒感染。 切生肉和熟肉不不要使用同一块菜板或同一把刀。 处理生肉后先要洗手再接触熟食,不要把煮熟的肉再放到之前放生肉的盘子里。 在加工不需要高温处理或加热烹调的食品时不要使用生鸡蛋或半生不熟的鸡蛋。 ④ 常洗手,保持双手干净。处理过冷冻或解冻的生鸡肉或鸡蛋后,必须用肥皂把手洗干净。 与生肉接触过的地方和餐具须洗净消毒。 ⑤ 把食品煮熟:高温加热可以杀死H5N1病毒。 加工禽类肉产品时 ...

marshalz Technorati this

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Liste sur une diffusion d' informations sur le H5N1 provenant de l' INRA.

... Liste sur une diffusion d' informations sur le H5N1 provenant de l' INRA. Voici une bonne initiative dans le regroupement d'informations sur le virus du H5N1. Les informations sont regroupées par... has confirmed a new outbreak of the deadly H5N1 strain of bird flu in poultry in its far ...

la grippe aviaire : le nouveau risque mondial ? Technorati this

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December 05, 2005

Pandemic Planning: A Convening of the States

Pandemic Planning: A Convening of the States (info)
"At the direction of President Bush, Secretary Mike Leavitt, U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS), is convening senior state and local officials from across the country to establish an integrated federal-state influenza-pandemic planning process. The White House Homeland Security Council, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture are also participating in the meeting."
Posted by Declan to pandemic plans AvianFlu US on Mon Dec 05 2005 at 17:13 UTC

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Two human cases in eastern Romania?

Sofia News Agency in Bulgaria reports two men in eastern Romania are suspected of having avian flu.

Two men have been hospitalized in Tulcea in Eastern Romania over fears that they have been infected with the deadly bird flu strain H5, local Averia newspaper reports.

The two men have been isolated as a precautionary measure and their health condition is subjected to constant observation. At present the only confirmed diagnose in pneumonia, the head of the local Public Health Directorate said.

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X-rays show damage done by avian flu

Reuters has a chilling story from Vietnam: avian flu victims' lungs are clogged with pus and surrounded by fluid.

Based on chest X-rays performed on 14 Vietnamese bird flu patients admitted to Ho Chi Minh City Hospital -- nine of whom died -- researchers at the University of Oxford in England found shared abnormalities that were good predictors of whether the disease would be fatal.

The infection from the H5N1 avian flu virus caused multiple lung infections, "which usually represents pus and infection in patients with fever and a cough," radiologist Dr. Nagmi Qureshi said. "We also discovered that the severity of these findings turned out to be a good predictor of patient mortality."

es on to report that survivors' lungs resemble those of SARS victims, only worse: H5N1 resulted in fluid around the lungs, enlarged lymph nodes, and actual cavities in the lung tissue, as well as SARS-like scar tissue.

Update: Here is another report on the same conference, with some additional details.

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Indonesia isn't really ready

Via Channelnewsasia.com: Indonesia's health system fumbles as bird flu spectre looms.

The government has appointed 44 hospitals nationwide to treat bird flu patients and President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono said last week the government was preparing a national monitoring system involving millions of people at village level.

But officials on the ground complain they have not received funds or equipment from the central government, which oversees a health system that was hard-pressed responding to last year's catastrophic tsunami after enduring years of chronic underfunding.

The General Hospital at Garut in densely-populated West Java, about 200 kilometres (124 miles) southeast of Jakarta, had not received any extra funds or equipment since being named as one of the facilities treating bird flu patients, its head of medical services Wijayanti said.

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Branswell: Can alum extend the power of vaccine?

Helen Branswell on canada.com reports that Experts are torn on whether alum can stretch pandemic vaccine supplies. Clinical trial findings, to be released in the next few weeks, will determine whether a common chemical can boost the effective power of avian flu vaccine.

The trials are expected to provide the first real evidence of whether adding an inexpensive and readily available chemical called alum - aluminium salts - to an H5N1 vaccine will substantially lower the dosage required to protect people against the worrisome strain.

Since currently available vaccines are pretty feeble, successful trials would give us a real advantage in preparing for a pandemic. For Revere's illuminating comments on the Branswell story, visit Effect Measure.

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gamefowl_news: Over 1,500 birds found dead in UkraineLatest LiveJournal.com Posts

 Over 1,500 birds found dead in Ukraine


KIEV (Reuters) - Officials in Ukraine, so far free of bird flu, have sent experts to investigate the sudden deaths of more than 1,500 birds in the Crimea peninsula, the Agriculture Minister said on Friday. [see the site map]

Oleksander Baranivsky, speaking to 1+1 television, said the birds were found in a half dozen villages in the peninsula jutting into the Black Sea. He gave no details on the type of birds or other information.

"At the moment we have 1,621 dead birds. Tonight, the situation will become more clear," Baranivsky told the station by telephone.

"Measures are being taken. Experts have been sent there. If cases of any specific virus are found, further measures will be introduced."

The channel said the sale of privately raised domestic poultry had been banned in Crimea.

Romania on Friday discovered new cases of bird flu in the Danube Delta it shares with Ukraine and samples were being sent to a British laboratory to determine whether the infected birds had the highly pathogenic H5N1 strain.

Romania became the first country in mainland Europe to detect the H5N1 virus in two villages in the delta.

Bird flu has also been found in several regions of Russia, Ukraine's northern neighbor.

Ukrainian officials have performed analyses on thousands of domestic and wild birds but detected no cases of bird flu. All hunting of birds has been halted and residents have been told to keep their stocks indoors to prevent contact with wild birds.

Source (Rueters)


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Indonesian baby thought to be infected with bird fluAvian Flu - What we need to know

An eight-month-old baby is the latest patient to test positive for bird flu in Indonesia.

Doctors believe the baby may have caught the disease from an infected pigeon.

A spokesman at the Sulianti Soroso hospital says preliminary tests, yet to be confirmed by the World Health Organisation in Hong Kong, show that the child is suffering from the deadly H5N1 strain of avian influenza.

Our correspondent in Indonesia, Peter Cave, says the infant was put into an isolation ward at the designated bird flu centre on Sunday, five days after contracting a high fever at his home in North Jakarta.

Six other patients are undergoing tests at the hospital.


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Report: Tamiflu Is ‘Useless’ For Avian Flu

... of the Centre for Tropical Diseases in Hanoi has treated 41 victims of H5N1, following World Health.... “Tamiflu is really only meant for treating ordinary type A flu. It was not designed to combat H5N1 ...

True Blue Liberal Technorati this

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Rayos X muestran síntomas comunes en víctimas de gripe aviar

... compartidas que eran buenos indicadores de si sería fatal la enfermedad. La infección del virus H5N1 de la... personas y brotes en aves de corral. Científicos temen que la cepa H5N1 del virus de la gripe aviaria ...


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voa news - ukraine takes measures to halt bird flu outbreak in crimea

Ukrainian authorities have imposed a quarantine on districts of Crimea affected by the country's first outbreak of bird flu. Officials ordered the slaughter of all poultry in five affected villages after officials confirmed the discovery of dead birds infected with an H5 strain of bird flu. Authorities are now sending samples to Britain and Italy to determine whether it is the deadly H5N1... this week had the H5N1 strain. Health experts fear the virus could mutate into a form that could

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Untitled: http://devzone.gorani.net/portal/index.php?id=5991

Presidenti ukrainas Jushcenko, ka dekretuar gjendjen e jashtezakonshme ne kater fshatra te gadishullit te Krimeas, pas zbulimit te vatrave te gripit te shpendeve. Dje, ne brigjet e Detit te Zi u gjeten te vdekur mbi 1500 zogj. Sipas ministrit te Agrikultures, analizat e para treguan se behet fjale per pjesen H5 te virusit te gripit te shpendeve. Nderkaq, do te kryen teste te tjera per te vertetuar nese behet fjale per virusin H5N1.

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December 01, 2005

The CDC on family clustering

This November 2005 article from the Emerging Infectious Diseases journal makes a number of interesting observations:

Although reports of H5N1 family clusters slightly increased, the increase was not statistically significant. Nevertheless, we believe any cluster of cases is of great concern and should be promptly and thoroughly investigated because it might be the first indication of viral mutations resulting in more efficient person-to-person spread. Family clustering does not necessarily indicate person-to-person transmission, as it may also result from common household exposures to the same H5N1-infected poultry or from other exposures, such as to uncooked poultry products.

The decrease in proportion of deaths during 2005 is another epidemiologic change that should be monitored closely because it may reflect viral adaptation to the human host. Surveillance for human cases of avian influenza has been intensified in recent months, perhaps resulting in the identification of less severe cases. Alternatively, more widespread laboratory testing may be associated with false-positive results. No evidence to date shows genetic reassortment between H5N1 and human influenza A viruses. Viruses isolated from case-patients need to be immediately sequenced and characterized in relation to previously circulating viruses to see whether they are evolving.

Recent modeling studies suggest that containing a pandemic at its source may be possible because emergent pandemic viruses may be less transmissible than commonly assumed, and antiviral treatment and chemoprophylaxis may slow the spread. Although the logistics of an attempt to contain the beginning of a potential influenza pandemic are formidable, we believe it is not beyond the capability of the modern global public health system.

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Romania reports new cases of bird flu

"Five hens and three other dead hens in the village of Periprava, close to the border with Ukraine, tested positive for the H5 type of avian flu," the farm ministry said in a statement.

The ministry said the small village, which has no road access, would be quarantined and culling of up to 1,500 domestic fowl should start soon as a precautionary move.

In a separate statement, the ministry said four suspect cases of the H5 virus in poultry had occurred in two other villages outside the delta, in the county of Braila.

It said culling of around 8,100 birds in Bumbacari and Dudescu -- which are close to the village of Scarlatesti, where a turkey tested positive for the H5 type of avian flu last week -- had started.

Source. The news comes on the national day of Romania.

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Avian flu: Crying wolf?

As flu fears mount, a number of scientists are questioning just how likely it is that the Avian strain H5N1 will trigger a deadly human outbreak. Dennis Normile writes about Avian Influenza: Pandemic Skeptics Warn Against Crying Wolf in ...

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Viet Nam reports no new H5N1 type A infection in humans - Viet Nam News Agency

Viet Nam reports no new H5N1 type A infection in humans
Viet Nam News Agency, Vietnam - 11 hours ago
1 (VNA) - Viet Nam has detected no new human infections of the H5N1 type A virus despite the wide spread of bird flu, reported the National Steering Committee ...
Viet Nam launches website on bird flu Viet Nam News Agency
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More about the latest human death in Indonesia

The Jakarta Post reports Another 'bird flu' patient dies in Jakarta. But it's a misleading headline: The story is about the 25-year-old woman who died two days ago.

Ilham Patu, spokesman and head of the bird flu surveillance unit at Sulianti Saroso Hospital in North Jakarta, where the woman had been treated for six days, said the resident of Kunciran Induk, Tangerang, died at 6:55 p.m. on Tuesday.

"We tried to assist her breathing but her lungs were so damaged that they could function at only 10 percent capacity. We are still waiting for confirmation from the WHO-appointed laboratory in Hong Kong to know if she really died from bird flu," he told The Jakarta Post.

helpful, though unpleasant, to know more details about the effect on avian flu on its human victims. The story says the woman's condition was complicated by acute liver disease. Her death was the result of pneumonia. How did liver disease affect the course of the pneumonia? Was the course of the disease the same as in other Indonesian cases? What about the Vietnamese? And if the Chinese version is mutating away from the Vietnamese strain of H5N1, did the Chinese victims display different symptoms?

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China releases those who came in contact with bird flu victimBird Flu News Site

Chinese authorities have allowed most of the people who came in contact with a woman who died of bird flu to go home.  The woman, who was the second bird flu victim in the Anhui province had become infected with H5N1 after coming into contact with sick poultry.  More..

Source:  People's Daily Online

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Romania reports new cases of bird flu - Yahoo! News

... Romania reports new cases of bird flu - Yahoo! News Romania reports new cases of bird flu 26 minutes ago BUCHAREST (Reuters) - Romania has detected new cases of bird flu in a remote village in the Danube delta where the deadly H5N1 strain was first discovered in October, the farm ministry said ...

Avian Flu Technorati this

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