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January 06, 2006

Aftershocks in Van—and elsewhere

Thanks to the reader who sent me the link to this CNN.com story: Bird flu claims 2nd Turkish child. The story's importance isn't in reporting the death of Fatma Kocyigit, but in the number of persons now in hospital:

Eighteen other people, many of them members of the teenagers' family, are ill with flu-like symptoms in the city of Van in eastern Turkey.

The head doctor of the hospital in Van said 12 of them are in critical condition and have been admitted to the facility. The doctor said he is in urgent need of more respirators to be able to treat all the patients.

Preliminary tests conducted on the patients were negative for bird flu, the doctor said, but more comprehensive testing has been done and the samples sent to Ankara and Istanbul. It's not known when the results will be back.

nother reader has sent me a link to Cihan News, which reports 27 persons currently under treatment for suspected H5N1 in several parts of the country. I've created a permanent link to Cihan in H5N1 News Sources and Websites.

As far as I know, nothing like this has happened in Indonesia, Thailand, China, or even Vietnam. I will be away from my computer for much of this evening, but if anyone finds relevant new information from Turkey and the Caucasus, please let me know.

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