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January 12, 2006

Bird Flu News - Tests show birdflu virus is evolving as expected (Reuters)Bird Flu News

Tests show birdflu virus is evolving as expected (Reuters)
Reuters - Genetic tests of samples taken from Turkish victims of the bird flu virus show it has made a small change, but probably not enough to make it more dangerous yet, researchers said on Thursday.

Turkey announces third bird flu death, new infections amid fears of spread (AFP)
AFP - Turkey announced its third bird flu death and two new cases of human infection as the authorities mounted a public information campaign to combat the disease, which experts fear may spread into neighbouring countries.

Muslims perform last rites as haj winds down (Reuters)
Reuters - Muslim pilgrims performed final rites of the haj on Thursday, as the pilgrimage wound down safely after fears of the possible spread of bird flu and a repeat of the deadly stampedes of past years.

Turkey Accused of Slow Bird-Flu Response (AP)
AP - Local officials accused Turkey's government Thursday of moving too slowly to slaughter fowl when bird flu was still confined to birds, as the number of people infected with the deadly H5N1 strain climbed to 18.

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