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January 13, 2006

Two Turkish girls released from hospital

Via Cihan News Agency: Two Turkish girls released after bird-flu treatment.

Two Turkish girls have been released from hospital after completing their bird flu treatment.

Eight-year-old Sumeyye Mamuk was taken to her home in the eastern Turkish province of Van on Thursday evening after two-week treatment at the Van 100th year university hospital.

On Friday, Sumeyye's cousin Nesibe Mamuk (18) was also released from hospital.

Nesibe and Sumeyye received treatment for the deadly bird flu virus which has killed three at the same hospital.

Sumeyye had contracted to the H5N1 when she hugged a dead chicken.

She is the first patient with a positive test to be discharged from Van 100th Year Hospital.

Currently, 14 people are receiving treatment at the hospitals across Turkey for bird flu. Health conditions of them were reported to be good.

ion of this outbreak is that so far, mortality has been much lower than in Asia...unless this lack of virulence is simply the price the virus is paying to be able to infect more people.

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