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February 20, 2006

A human death in Bulgaria?

From Xinhuanet: Bird flu suspect dies in Bulgaria.

A young woman hospitalized last Friday in Bulgaria's second largest city of Plovdiv has died after showing symptoms of bird flu, Bulgarian state news agency BTA reported on early Monday.

The patient, 27, was sent to hospital with severe bilateral pneumonia and breathing difficulties, BTA cited the chief doctor Mariana Stoicheva as saying.

Stoicheva revealed the woman had worked in a local minced chicken factory, prompting the hospital to treat her as a suspicious avian flu-infected patient.

Initial tests to detect the fatal H5N1 strain of bird flu virus were immediately carried out and the results were negative, Stoicheva said. However, the samples have been sent to the laboratory in Sofia for confirmation, and the result is expected on Feb. 22.

If the test result confirms H5N1 virus, this will be the country's first human fatality from bird flu.

the story from Sofia News Agency, surprisingly buried deep in its website:
The young woman, who was hospitalized at the end of last week in Bulgaria's second largest city of Plovdiv after showing symptoms of bird flu, died Monday morning.

The 27-year-old patient was admitted to hospital on Friday with bilateral pneumonia and breathlessness.

Initial tests for detecting the virulent H5N1 bird flu virus strain were immediately carried out and gave negative results. A Sofia laboratory, which received samples, confirmed that the woman tests negative.

If the test results were to indicate H5N1 findings, this would have been the first human death in the country as a result of bird flu infection.

Two people in Bulgaria's Black Sea city Varna were put to medical tests over fears of bird flu infection on Friday. The next day a 32-year-old Bulgarian was hospitalized in the city of Haskovo, south Bulgaria, after showing symptoms similar to bird flu.

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