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February 23, 2006

French Poultry Producers Circulate Flyers in Paris Mailboxes

According to a tip from a French language reader in Paris, mailboxes today were stuffed with flyers from the French Association of Meat Producers reassuring Parisians that there is no danger from eating cooked poultry that has been brought to over 71 degrees centigrade. The campaign comes on the heels of announcements today that a second wild duck has been certified to have died from the H5N1 virus and of suspicions that the virus has entered into domesticated poultry flocks in France and Germany.

There was further word today, that a French turkey farm has reported a suspected case. The farm was quarantined, according to French authorities. Another report out of Germany of a suspected case in a domesticated poultry farm, has also been confirmed by German authorities. These would mark the first reported cases of the spread of the deadly H5N1 virus from wild birds to domesticated flocks in the E.U.

According to official numbers, poultry consumption in France is said to have dropped by less than 15% since the reports of H5N1 virus first surfaced in the country. The same reader reported that she noted sales prices for poultry when she visited her local market this morning, even before the turkey story hit the news.

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