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February 22, 2006

Mumbai: 70 chickens from illegal stalls culled

Via Mid Day, a Mumbai news source: 70 chickens from illegal stalls culled.

The BMC yesterday culled 70 birds from illegal stalls and also sent back three trucks of poultry, as they did not have proper documents. BMC officials said this will be the routine for the next few weeks.

Trucks without proper documentation will not be allowed to enter the city. By 8.30 am yesterday, 55 trucks carrying 53,364 live poultry came into the city through the four checknakas. These were allowed in only after two doctors posted at the checknaka for 24 hours checked the livestock.

Besides these, 10 trucks of frozen chicken and 16 trucks of eggs entered Mumbai in the past 24 hours.

f this battle is likely to be the infectious spread of new and foreign words. We may see "checknakas" in France and Nigeria, not to mention the US and Canada—checkpoints specifically for controlling the trade in poultry and the movement of potentially infected persons.

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