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March 20, 2006

The second Egyptian

Via the Irish Independent, details about the second Egyptian H5N1 case.

A 30-year-old Egyptian man, who worked on a chicken farm in the province of Qalyoubiya, was the second human infected by the virus in Egypt, the Health Ministry said.

The man was recovering in the hospital after being admitted on Thursday with a fever, Deputy Health Minister Nasser el-Sayyed said.

Police identified the man as Mohammed Bahaaeddin Abdel-Menem from the village of Noqbas.

Ibrahim al-Gazzar, a cousin of the latest victim, said he doubted that other villagers were educated enough to seek medical treatment.

"They would think it was a normal flu - that will be a disaster."

The country's first-known human case, a woman who died on Friday, was from the same province, north of Cairo. The two victims had not had any contact and were from different villages, el-Sayyed said.

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