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March 13, 2006

Three Azeris dead of avian flu

It's not on the Azerbaijan News Agency site yet, but Reuters and others have the news: Azerbaijan reports three people dead with bird flu.

Azerbaijan's Health Ministry said on Monday three people who died earlier this month had been infected with bird flu in the country's first case in humans.

"Initial analysis from the laboratory shows that the three people who died did so as a result of bird flu," Health Ministry spokeswoman Samaya Mamedova said.

The infected people were thought to be members of a family from the Salyan region, in southern Azerbaijan near the Caspian Sea coast, who were hospitalised early in March with suspected bird flu. Four of them died.

e questions: What killed the fourth family member? What's the condition of the other seven or eight persons hospitalized with similar symptoms? And was this a B2H family cluster, or H2H?

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