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April 28, 2006

Pakistan: Nine farms now have B2B

Via Reuters: Bird flu cases multiply around Pakistani capital.

Pakistan reported mounting cases of the deadly H5NI bird flu virus in poultry on Monday after discovering more infected farms near the capital.

"Now, we have total nine poultry farms where H5N1 virus has been confirmed," Mohammad Afzal, the agriculture ministry's livestock commissioner, told Reuters.

He said more than 40,000 chickens had been culled after new outbreaks were discovered in the past week at eight farms located in Tarlai and Sihala, two areas near the capital Islamabad where poultry farms are concentrated.

"Checking each vehicle carrying birds or eggs (from the affected areas) is not possible, but we test samples from each farm," said Rana Ikhlaq, an assistant commissioner.

Pakistan's first reported cases were found in February at two farms in North West Frontier Province, but a third was discovered close to the capital earlier this month.

None of the workers at the farms have contracted the disease.

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