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April 19, 2006

US: Flocks will be slaughtered on suspicion

Via Forbes.com: Flock-Killing Planned if Bird Flu Found.

Most of America's chickens come from big commercial farms that are well-protected against the spread of disease. Yet there are many small backyard and free-range flocks - as many as 60,000 in Los Angeles alone - where birds are outdoors and are harder to protect.

Officials encourage those producers to bring flocks inside and watch for signs of flu - dead birds, lack of appetite, purple wattles and legs, coughing and sneezing, diarrhea - and report them to state or federal authorities.

"We can't afford for this virus to be smoldering six months before we find it," DeHaven said in an interview with The Associated Press.

ve question about those LA flocks is this: Where is "inside" going to be? A well-shielded coop, or just a fenced-off patio? Second naive question: Whoever thought Los Angeles would have 60,000 flocks of chickens?

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