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May 23, 2006

Dr. Lee's last warning

Via Reuters: Late WHO chief warns of bird flu "blind spots".

Bird flu threatens human lives in hundreds and possibly thousands of "disease blind spots" around the globe, the late head of the World Health Organisation said in remarks prepared before his death.

The U.N. agency issued the report on Tuesday to the organisation's annual assembly of Director-General Lee Jong-wook, who died on Monday morning from a stroke.

"There are still hundreds, maybe thousands of disease blind spots around the world -- where no one knows what they have to watch for, or what they must report," Lee wrote.

Preparedness for a feared bird flu pandemic, which could kill millions of people, is high on the agenda of the six-day meeting of the WHO's 192 member states.

Health ministers from developing countries, which have so far suffered all the 124 deaths from bird flu, spoke frankly of lacking the funds and technical skills to fight the threat.

editorial comment of the Korea Herald on the death of Dr. Lee.

And here is the obituary published in the UK newspaper The Independent.

I fear we will miss him more than we now imagine.

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