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May 31, 2006

FAO: H5N1 could become endemic in Africa

Via Thanh Nien Daily, the FAO warns: Bird flu could become endemic in Africa.

"Africa is the continent where we are really worried to see endemicity becoming established," FAO's chief of animal health services, Joseph Domenech, told Reuters Television in an interview.

"If this is the case, it will be a new plague for African farmers and will be a permanent reservoir for re-infection to other regions through trade and wild birds."

Domenech said the continent was particularly vulnerable to the deadly H5N1 bird flu because of lack of funds and people to monitor and fight the virus. He said other countries should focus efforts on helping Africa to eradicate the disease.

oucauld once observed, "We always find the strength to bear the misfortunes of others." We have borne (and aggravated) the misfortunes of Africa for five hundred years, so we will surely find the strength to ignore avian flu in those unhappy countries.

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