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June 19, 2006

Hedging against a pandemic

Thanks to the reader who sent the link to this Forbes.com story: Hedging Against A Bird Flu Pandemic. Excerpt:

Based on an assessment of present evidence, the World Health Organization has concluded that the current level of global pandemic alert (Phase 3) is appropriate.

This phase describes a situation in which occasional human infections with a novel influenza virus are occurring, but there is no evidence that the virus is spreading in an efficient and sustained manner from one person to another.

We are encouraged by these results and the professionalism with which the World Health Organization is handling the situation. That said, the moment the WHO shifts the alert level to Phase 4, expect a literal overnight collapse of the Asian markets similar to the currency crisis of 1997. That crisis started in July 1997 in Thailand, but it caused a global financial domino effect.

That is what we are looking at with a Phase 4 warning.

read the whole article.

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