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June 05, 2006

Namibia: More deaths from mystery disease

When I first posted on this a couple of days ago, I said it was certainly not H5N1. But whatever it is, it's killed two more people and the symptoms don't look good: Namibia: Virus Baffles Officials.

Five people have died and at least 17 others have been hospitalised as Namibia and the Geneva-based World Health Organisation (WHO) try to identify the mystery virus affecting people.

One of the 17 people, a pregnant mother, is on a ventilator in Windhoek Central Hospital's acute care unit, according to Dr Helen Kandi-Shiimi, Senior Medical Superintendent of that hospital.The others were in a stable condition in Ward 5A yesterday.

On Friday, Health Deputy Minister Petrina Haingura called for calm and said the Government was in contact with WHO head office in Geneva as the wait for the results of stool, urine and blood specimens send to South Africa continued.

Victims typically suffer from lower-limb weaknesses, acute paralysis, breathing difficulties, chest pain, cold and flu, neck stiffness, headache and dizziness.

thorities have ruled out Guillain-Barré syndrome and polio. This will bear watching.

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