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July 05, 2006

Bird flu spreads to new state in Nigeria

Via Reuters: Bird flu spreads to new state in Nigeria.

The deadly H5N1 strain of bird flu has appeared in remote Taraba state in eastern Nigeria, but in most other parts of Africa's most populous country the spread of the virus is slow, officials said on Friday.

The first African country to be hit by bird flu, Nigeria has not reported any human cases of the disease although experts warn surveillance may not be completely effective and cases may have gone undetected. The detection of the virus in Taraba means bird flu is now present in 14 of Nigeria's 36 states and in the Federal Capital Territory. The state that had most recently joined the list was Lagos in April.

"We have identified it in three places in Taraba, one commercial farm and two places where there are backyard poultry," said Lami Lombin, director of the National Veterinary Research Institute which tests for bird flu.

es me almost as much as Indonesia. Western media seem to have zero interest in African news unless it involves thousands of deaths, and even then it depends on the cause of death. An overcrowded bus going into a ravine is news. People dying of cholera or AIDS in an overcrowded hospital are not news.

So H5N1 will keep eating away at African economies and communities without our noticing until something like an H2H outbreak finally gets our attention.

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