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July 19, 2006

US: Get powers ready for bird flu, governors told

Via Reuters: Get powers ready for bird flu, U.S. governors told.

Governors should make sure they have the legal powers they need to impose quarantines, close schools and keep utilities and transport running in case of a bird flu pandemic, according to new primer from the National Governors' Association published on Tuesday.

They should also be working now on clear, simple public messages about the risks of bird flu and what preparations are being made as well as stocking up on food and medical supplies, the document advises.

"Governors should consider creating a state legal team to review current laws and regulations and assess how they would be applied during a pandemic," reads the primer, posted on the Internet at NGA.org.

"For example, decisions on closure of schools, limits on use or practices on mass transit or public transport systems, restrictions on public gatherings, etc., must be determined by state and local officials and supported by local or state policies and law."

Washington Post's story on the primer.

And here is the primer itself: Download 0607PANDEMICPRIMER.pdf

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