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August 16, 2006

People's Daily Online -- Ministry confirms human fatality

People's Daily Online -- Ministry confirms human fatality
The Ministry of Health yesterday confirmed that a man died of bird flu in Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region on July 12.
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Discovery of new strain of H5N1 prompts rethink of fowl controls - Bangkok Post

Thanh Nien Daily
Discovery of new strain of H5N1 prompts rethink of fowl controls
Bangkok Post, Thailand - 6 hours ago
A new type of the H5N1 strain has been confirmed in Nakhon Phanom, where over 300,000 chickens have died or been culled as a result of widespread infections ...
China confirms new H5N1 human case China Daily
Bird flu kills 1,800 ducks in China, 210,000 culled Reuters AlertNet
Bird flu kills 1800 ducks in China NEWS.com.au
China Post - Daily News & Analysis - all 107 related

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China reports new human H5N1 death

Via the Washington Post: China Reports New Human Bird Flu Death. Excerpt:

A farmer has died of bird flu in far western China, the 14th person to die of the disease in the country.The Health Ministry confirmed the 62-year-old farmer in the Xinjiang region died July 12 of the H5N1 strain of bird flu, the official Xinhua News Agency said.

The case brings China's total number of human bird flu infections to 21, Xinhua said. The tally includes a case the government confirmed last week occurred in 2003, two years before China publicly acknowledged its first human infection.

the Xinhua story.

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Cambodia confirms new bird flu outbreak

Via Reuters: Cambodia confirms new bird flu outbreak. Excerpt:

Cambodia has suffered its second outbreak of bird flu this year in the same province where the H5N1 virus killed a boy in April, officials said on Saturday.

The virus was confirmed in more than 1,300 ducks that died in Prey Veng province, 70 km (45 miles) southeast of Phnom Penh, but there were no immediate reports of human infections, they said.

"Yes, bird flu is back," senior Agriculture Ministry official Nou Muth said. "We have announced this outbreak to alert villagers not to handle dead poultry."

Most of the more than 130 people killed by the H5N1 virus, including six in Cambodia, have contracted the disease through close proximity to infected birds.

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Indonesia: 44 dead of H5N1

Via Forbes.com: Indonesian Bird-Flu Toll Rises to 44.

Two Indonesian teenagers have died of bird flu, according to local test results that, if confirmed, would bring Indonesia's death toll to 44 and make it the world's hardest-hit country.

Normally reliable tests performed at a local laboratory showed that a boy and girl, both 16-years-old, died this week of the illness, health officials said Tuesday.

in perspective: Yesterday I was checking something on this site from last March, and found a post reporting Indonesia's death toll at 22.

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Chinese H5N1 in 2003

The Guardian Unlimited has a good article on the implications of today's confirmation of a 2003 Chinese case of human H5N1: Experts predict more Chinese bird flu cases.

Meanwhile The Standard, a Hong Kong business paper, has an interesting response:

Lo Wing-lok, an infectious disease expert in Hong Kong, said this incident was a reminder that the mainland needed to be honest and more forthcoming with information.

Experts in Hong Kong have long insisted that the virus has always been present in the mainland, but authorities have denied that. Even after several members of a Hong Kong family contracted the virus in Fujian in February 2003, information about the incident was supressed.

"If it had been more forthcoming, so much more could have been done for the rest of the world. But now the virus has spread to three continents," Lo said.

first I've heard about a "Fujian incident," so I've just googled "Hong Kong family" plus "H5N1 2003" and got over 250 hits—including a couple of mentions on Recombinomics. Here's what New Scientist had to say in a timeline about bird flu:
February 2003

Hong Kong family gets flu while visiting Fujian, China, and three die. H5N1 virus descended from the goose in Guangdong is isolated from two of the victims

a couple of additional links: Science Magazine, 7 March 2003; Eurosurveillance Weekly 27 February 2003. Note that the number of fatalities in these very brief reports is either two or three.

My education continues.

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Scientists hail breakthrough in bird flu drug

... Scientists hail breakthrough in bird flu drug August 16th, 2006 [ A rooster at a chicken shop in the city of Bangalore, August 14, 2006. REUTERS/Jagadeesh Nv]Reuters - Scientists said on Wednesday they had made a breakthrough in the race to develop a drug for the H5N1 bird . more Posted in Money | No Comments » ...
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August 07, 2006

Indonesia Records 43rd Bird Flu Death - Washington Post

Indonesia Records 43rd Bird Flu Death
Washington Post, United States - 7 hours ago
... Normally reliable tests performed at a local laboratory showed that the boy who died late Monday had the H5N1 virus, said Dr. Santoso Suroso, the director of ...
Indonesia's local test shows boy infected with bird flu virus People's Daily Online
Indonesian Boy With Bird Flu Dies Blogger News Network
Indonesia records 43rd bird flu death Sky Valley Journal
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Thai province imposes measures on border with Laos to contain bird ... - People's Daily Online

Thai province imposes measures on border with Laos to contain bird ...
People's Daily Online, China - 1 hour ago
... Laos has reported an outbreak of bird flu, with some 2,000 chickens dead from the deadly H5N1 virus late July, while in Thailand the epidemic was confirmed in ...
Government urges public to eat eggs and chicken Thai News Agency MCOT
Cambodia steps up border flu watch Bangkok Post
Chiang Rai imposes bird flu measures on Lao border Thai News Agency MCOT
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Bird Flue Spreads to - Kommersant

Bird Flue Spreads to
Kommersant, Russia - 2 hours ago
... The main symptoms are joints’ induration, heads thrown back and higher temperature, ie the bird flue (virus H5N1), which outbreak was registered in Siberia ...

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CDC puts genetic sequences of about 40 human H5N1 viruses into ... - CBC News

CDC puts genetic sequences of about 40 human H5N1 viruses into ...
CBC News, Canada - 1 hour ago
(CP) - Scientists at the US Centers for Disease Control have placed the genetic blueprints of about 40 H5N1 viruses isolated from human bird flu cases in ...
Indonesia agrees to share bird-flu data ChronicleHerald.ca
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A third suspected case in Thailand

Via ThaiDay: Third suspected human bird-flu case reported. Excerpts of an important story:

A 19-year-old chicken farm worker in Uthai Thani province who buried dead birds without wearing proper protection has been put under hospital surveillance and is suspected of being the third person infected with bird flu in Thailand in the past two weeks, after a second man was confirmed to have died of the disease in the same province over the weekend.

According to caretaker Health Minister Phinij Jarusombat, who inspected bird flu-infected areas in Uthai Thani province yesterday, the latest victim fell sick last Thursday and was admitted to Uthai Thani provincial hospital on Saturday. The results of tests to verify whether the unidentified man is actually infected with the deadly H5N1 virus are expected to be known today.

Phinij said the man, who was working on a chicken farm with 20,000 birds in Uthai Thani’s Muang district, might have contracted the disease after burying dead birds late last month while not wearing protective gear.

The minister said he had given strict instructions to about 800,000 public health volunteers throughout the country to inform villagers to exercise extreme caution when handling dead birds.

“Villagers should not handle dead birds. But if they have to, they must wear rubber gloves or several layers of plastic bags…and they must absolutely not eat any sick or dead birds,” Phinij said.

ries its real sting in the tail (my bolding):
Public Health permanent secretary Dr Prat Boonyawongvirot said in light of the latest outbreak in Uthai Thani, the provincial hospital there has now been equipped with special facilities to handle suspected bird flu patients and test for the virus. He added that public health volunteers had been instructed to monitor the symptoms of any unwell villagers and report their findings every morning.

Dr Prat added that the ministry would no longer issue daily reports on suspected patients who are under medical surveillance as there are too many of them and the list of names changes daily. He said the ministry will only issue announcements when bird flu or serious human influenza cases are confirmed.

Meanwhile, the director general of the Disease Control Department, Dr Thawat Suntrajarn, said Bangkok-based medical experts met with provincial doctors yesterday and mapped out plans to speed up the handling of suspected human bird-flu cases.

Patients suffering from fever and cough who are known to have handled sick or dead birds will be given oseltamivir phosphate, a generic version of Roche Pharmaceuticals’ Tamiflu that is now being produced locally, even if initial tests are negative, he said.

According to Dr Thawat, 80 people, mainly Uthai Thani provincial hospital staff or villagers living in the vicinity of the second victim, are currently undergoing 14 days of medical surveillance after receiving the local version of Tamiflu.

rities foresee a public-relations disaster if they have to keep us informed about scores of cases. And they evidently worry about possible human-to-human transmission via the young man who died recently.

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Thailand: H5N1 migrating southward

In The Nation: Bird flu migrating southward. Excerpt:

The bird-flu epidemic seems to be spreading south as a suspected case was reported yesterday in the lower Central region.

The patient was identified as a 61-year-old woman in Lop Buri's Sa Bot district who fell ill with bird-flu-like symptoms soon after her backyard chickens all suddenly dropped dead.

She had initially tested positive for avian influenza and was being treated in an isolation ward pending confirmation from laboratory tests, said Dr Charn Tantiwa-raporn, director of Ban Mi Hospital, where the victim was admitted on Tuesday.

After being notified about the case, provincial livestock authorities rushed to the woman's home to check for bird flu.

District chief Somsak Intra-watana said he had ordered an urgent cull of all poultry in the province after being notified by the livestock authorities.

This district did not have many chicken farms and most of the poultry were fighting cocks and native hens, he said.

Although denying the existence of bird flu in Sa Bot district, provincial livestock chief Jintana Danwiwatporn said experts were coordinating with other agencies in dealing with hundred of thousands of migratory birds.

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Grippe aviaire: le virus H5N1 est entré par de multiples portes au NigeriaMonde

AFP Journal Internet - Le virus de la grippe aviaire, dans sa forme hautement pathogène H5N1, est arrivé au Nigeria par de multiples portes, alors que la politique menée par gouvernement local reposait sur la croyance qu'il avait une source unique, selon une étude à paraître jeudi dans la revue Nature.

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Thailand tries to inhibit bird flu

... [BANGKOK (Reuters) - Thailand began a week-long campaign on Monday to check every house in 29 provinces, including Bangkok's suburbs, in a bid to halt a resurging bird flu virus that has killed two people in the last three weeks. Hundreds of thousands of volunteers will scour backyard farms for sick or dead chickens and educate ...
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Indonesia again

... JAKARTA (Reuters) - A 16-year-old Indonesian youth has tested positive for bird flu according to results from a local laboratory. The youth, from Bekasi on the outskirts of Jakarta, is being treated at the designated bird flu centre at the city's Sulianti Saroso Hospital, said Runizar Ruesin, head of the bird flu information centre at ...
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