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October 05, 2006

24 Lies Per Second steals moments from rare movies

The marvellous blog 24 Lies Per Second offers singular images from rare or out-of-print movies, in a kind of cineaste’s still-photo mashup. The proprietor — a Parisian named “Phillipe” — observes, “I’m not a movie critic. This is not a tribute to Cahiers Du Cinema. This is about pictures that move me.” While it is true that Cinema Minima is a place for movie makers, not movie watchers, it is also true that one cannot be a good movie maker without being a good movie watcher, and, in that spirit, this recommendation. Although — in the era of UTube and every other kind of online motion-picture watching available at the push of a mouse button — it may seem old-fashioned to recommend a browse of still images (mere frame captures). However, 24 Lies Per Second is like a cinematic microtome, delivering moments of high visual and emotional drama, frozen and sliced thin for inspection and — for the movie maker, who must be before and after everything else, a storyteller — for meditation.

outlawandhiswife2.jpg Striking images by cinematographer Julius Jaenzon from BERG-EJVIND OCH HANS HUSTRU | THE OUTLAW AND HIS WIFE by Victor Sjostrom, presented on 24 Lies Per Second.

It is time to pay tribute to Julius Jaenzon, the cinematographer without whom this movie wouldn’t have been that important. He was also the cinematographer of those masterpieces: THE PHANTOM CARRIAGE by Sjöström in 1921 and SIR ARNE’S TREASURE by Mauritz Stiller, not to forget the first Greta Garbo movie: THE LEGEND OF GOSTA BERLING.
outlawandhiswife3.jpg Although the site has not been updated in months, there are wonderful things here, and it is well worth a visit to its archives. The films covered: THE WIND (Victor Sjostrom), SEVENTH HEAVEN (Frank Borzage), PARIS QUI DORT (Rene Clair), FERRYMAN MARIA (Frank Wisbar), LEVIATHAN (Leonard Keigel), THIS ABOVE IT ALL (Anatole Litvak), 3 ROOMS IN MANHATTAN (Marcel Carné), THE RAIN PEOPLE (Francis Ford Coppola), PROFESSIONE REPORTER | THE PASSENGER (Michelangelo Antonioni), TORRENT (Monta Bell/Garbo), THE KISS (Jacques Feyder/Garbo), AS YOU DESIRE ME (Georges Fitzmaurice/Garbo), SUSAN LENNOX (Robert Z.Leonard/Garbo), LOVE (Edmund Goulding/Garbo), A WOMAN OF AFFAIRS (Clarence Brown/Garbo), WILD ORCHIDS (Sidney Franklin/Garbo), THE SINGLE STANDARD (John S.Robertson/Garbo), ROMANCE (Clarence Brown/Garbo), INSPIRATION (Clarence Brown/Garbo), THE PAINTED VEIL (Richard Boleslawki/Garbo), CONQUEST (Clarence Brown/Garbo), TWO-FACED WOMAN (Georges Cukor/Garbo), SOME CAME RUNNING (Vincente Minelli), THE INCIDENT (Larry Peerce), DISTANT VOICES STILL LIVES (Terence Davies), THE OUTLAW AND HIS WIFE (Victor Sjöström).
[24 lies per second]

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