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November 14, 2006

China's first human bird flu patient healthy after one year recovery

Via People's Daily Online: China's first human bird flu patient healthy after one year recovery.

The first person to survive the bird flu in China has been given a clean bill of health following medical checks performed on Saturday at the Hunan Provincial Children's Hospital.

Ten-year-old He Junyao's body functions are all normal, said hospital officials, adding that the disease has not affected the boy's growth.

Doctor Jiang Yaohui said the hospital's timely and proper treatment of He helped save his life.

The doctor said the hospital will provide free medical exams for He until he is 18.

The boy was hospitalized on Oct. 18 last year after suffering fever and a cough for five days. The Ministry of Health identified him as China's first human bird flu patient.

Since last October, China has reported 19 human cases of bird flu in Hunan, Anhui and Guangxi, 14 of them died.

While this is good news, it's also a reminder that every hot-zone country should be monitoring all its H5N1 survivors—and the rest of us should be helping to finance the costs of such follow-up. Like China and Indonesia and Vietnam, we also have a stake in understanding every aspect of avian flu.

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