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December 05, 2006

Nigeria's bird flu status still uncertain

Via the International Herald Tribune: Nigeria's bird flu status still uncertain despite 4-month gap since last known case . Excerpt:

The farm in northern Nigeria where Africa's first case of a deadly bird flu strain was discovered has replaced its slaughtered fowl, and chicken has started to return to local menus after four months without a report of the virus.

But as experts from around the world gather in the West African country of Mali for a conference on the ongoing battle against the avian infection, the status of bird flu remains uncertain in Nigeria and throughout the continent.

Health experts say insufficient surveillance means they don't really know the true level of bird flu. The two-day conference that opens Wednesday in Mali, and follows similar international meetings in China and Austria, will focus on preparedness as the next bird flu season approaches, including marshaling financial and other resources to fight a disease experts fear could transform into a human pandemic.

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