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January 17, 2007

Details from Jakarta

Last night I heard from a person in Jakarta who prefers to remain anonymous but who has been fairly close to the investigations into the recent H5N1 cases. Here's a paraphrase of what this person sent:

About the four recent confirmed cases:

(1) A 14-year old boy from West Jakarta who had contact with chickens. He died on January 10. His relatives were also under surveillance, but test results turned to be negative.

(2) A 37-year old woman from Serpong, Banten province. Her husband slaughtered a chicken and she plucked its feathers on December 29. By January 1 she was ill. She died on January 11. Her husband and son were later admitted to the hospital as well.

(3) A 22-year old woman from Tangerang, Banten province. I have extra details on her. She died early this morning, Friday, at 00:25 a.m.

* The neighbourhood has a lot of chickens and pigeons. A lot of chickens and pigeons in the neighborhood. Ducks are also supposed to be there too, but we couldn't see any that afternoon.

* On December 30, the woman, AA, went to a wet market to buy chicken for the Muslim celebrations of Idul Adha as requested by her mother. Her mother lives nearby.

* In front of where AA lived there are houses, and beyond them is a small, open chicken slaughterhouse where some 30-40 chickens are killed each day. It's an open field, also used as the community garbage dump. The local people dump their garbage there; the landowner, who also owns the slaughterhouse, burns the garbage every afternoon. Slaughtering takes place every morning. I saw several coops filled with chickens. Some seemed ill: they were losing feathers and couldn't move their feet.

(4) A 27-year old woman from South Jakarta. I am not aware of her case details yet. She died late last night.

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