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February 07, 2007

16 Million Americans Pirated A Film Last Month - The Robin Hood Effect....

Yes, there's an endless sea of legit video distribution systems about to collide with traditional broadcast interests -- but film piracy is also ramping up just as quickly. According to a new study, 20 million Americans have downloaded a movie off of the Internet in the last month, with 80% claiming they exclusively use file-sharing sites to do do. The use of such services has doubled in just the last year. "A typical movie downloader from file-sharing sites is 29 years of age and has 16 titles stored on their PC -- 63% are male and 37% are female," says the report. The report notes that 40% believe downloading films is a very serious offense. When asked about stealing a DVD from a brick and mortar store, that number rises to 78%. It's a "Robin Hood effect," according to the study's director. People generally think the studios are rich enough, so they see theft as almost justifiable. "The current crop of 'download to own' movie services and the new ones coming into the market will need to offer great.. (full story @ BBR)

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