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February 27, 2007

Indonesia: A new family cluster?

Via the Jakarta Post: Suspected bird flu cases in Padang. Excerpt:

Three suspected bird flu patients have been receiving treatment at M. Djamil Hospital in Padang, West Sumatra, a hospital executive said Monday.

Ira Yanti, head of the hospital's medical services section, said the condition of the three had been improving. Results of laboratory tests from the Directorate General for Disease Control in Jakarta are still pending, which would determine whether the three are infected by the avian flu virus.

Ira said the patients were members of the same family in Padang Gantiang district in Tanahdatar regency.

Three days before they began displaying symptoms several of their chickens died suddenly. Tests conducted by the West Sumatra Husbandry Office confirmed the birds were infected with the virus.

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