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May 16, 2007

How big is the bird flu vaccine gap?

The squabble about viral isolates originating within the borders of Indonesia notwithstanding, the simple fact is that if there were a pandemic there is only a fraction of the needed productive vaccine capacity necessary globally. What fraction? Good question.

The earth is home to 6 billion people, give or take a few hundred million. And a few hundred million doses is our global vaccine capacity in the event of a pandemic. The annual capacity is estimated around 300 - 400 million, possibly 500 million if pushed. That's annual production. If we had to ramp up a specific pandemic strain from zero, we couldn't produce much in the first wave of two months or so. So how much productive capacity would we need? A lot more than we have, almost for sure, but how much more isn't at all clear.

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Biological Hazard Update - Vietnam - 5/7/2007

Despite hot weather, which is not favourable for the development of
the bird flu virus, a flock of ducks in Dien Chau District, in the
central province of Nghe An, have died this month due to avian
influenza. According to the Veterinary Agency, on May 1, 160 ducks of
40 days old belonging to a family in Dien Tho commune, Dien Chau

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Indonesia confirms 76th bird flu death

JAKARTA - A pregnant Indonesian woman has died of bird flu, taking the
country's death toll from the virus to 76, a health ministry official
confirmed Monday.
"The results of the second test have come in and they are positive,"
said an official from the ministry's bird flu information centre.
The woman was suspected to have died from the virus on Saturday, but

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More bird flu infected chickens culled

DHAKA: Bangladesh villagers have culled 15,000 more chickens over the
last two days at small farms in the north of the country, officials
said yesterday.
The chickens were slaughtered after an outbreak of H5N1 virus was
detected at a village near Nilphamari, 400km (250 miles) northwest of
the capital, Dhaka.

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Poor countries demand fair share of bird flu vaccines -

... Poor countries demand fair share of bird flu vaccines - Reuters AlertNet Swissinfo Poor countries demand fair share of bird flu vaccines Reuters AlertNet - 21 hours ago By Stephanie Nebehay. GENEVA, May 15 (Reuters) - Developing countries led by Indonesia demanded a fair deal on Tuesday for providing samples of the deadly H5N1 bird flu virus ...
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WHO confirms 15 Indonesian bird flu cases logged during virus sharing impasse

... (CP) - World Health Organization formally acknowledged 15 H5N1 avian flu cases from Indonesia on Wednesday, cases that have gone unconfirmed since a virus-sharing impasse with that country began late last year.From: ca.news.yahoo.com ...
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CIDRAP on WHO's confirmation of Indonesian cases

... CIDRAP has a good summary of the rapprochement between WHO and Indonesia: WHO confirms backlog of 15 Indonesian H5N1 cases. Excerpt: WHO Director-General Margaret Chan, at a technical briefing at the Geneva meeting today, said the WHO recognizes the concerns of developing countries and is taking several actions to ensure that they have access to ...
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May 02, 2007

Bangladesh: B2B H5N1 keeps spreading

Via Yahoo News, an AFP story: Bangladesh culls chickens as bird flu spreads. Excerpt:

Some 8,500 chickens have been culled in Bangladesh following the spread of bird flu in the country, an official said Wednesday.

"We have culled 8,500 chickens in a one-square-kilometre area. It (the virus) was first identified at a government-run farm and then in three nearby farms," a government livestock official, speaking on condition of anonymity, told AFP.

Samples from other farms in the southwestern district of Jessore, where the outbreak occurred, had also been taken for analysis, he said.

The cull took the total number of birds killed so far in Bangladesh to more than 70,000.

Officials said last month that around 66,000 birds at 22 farms had been destroyed after the disease spread in other parts of the country, including to the north.

The disease was first identified in Bangladesh in late March, after samples from a farm near the capital, Dhaka, tested positive for the deadly H5N1 strain of bird flu.

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The CDC train wreck

Once upon a time, working at the Center for Disease Control (aka, CDC, now called the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) was a dream job for a dedicated public health scientist or practitioner. No more. The independent CDC blog, CDC Chatter, is reporting results of a new survey of employee satisfaction in federal services. CDC is near the bottom of 222 agencies, with a score down from its 2005 score. CDC ranked 189th out of the 222 agencies and agency subcomponents.

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Jakarta defiant in sharing H5 Samples

JAKARTA (AFP) - Indonesia will not share bird flu samples with the
World Health Organisation until a dispute with the UN body is resolved
in "black and white," the nation's health minister said Wednesday.
Health Minister Siti Fadilah Supari made the comments one day after
reports that Indonesia was not honouring its promise to resume sharing

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Ghana confirm bird flu virus

Ghana's first case of the highly pathogenic H5N1 bird flu has been
confirmed in sick chickens by local laboratories and a US naval
laboratory in Egypt, a World Health Organisation official says.
Some 1,600 birds had already been incinerated as part of efforts to
control the outbreak on a farm 20km east of Ghana's capital Accra,

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