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September 17, 2007

Hong Kong imposes anti-H5N1 measures

Via the Hong Kong government website: Anti-bird flu measures imposed.

The Government has imposed precautionary measures after the confirmation of an avian influenza outbreak at a Panyu farm in Guangdong. They include the 21-day import suspension of live poultry, birds, day-old chicks, poultry eggs, and chilled and frozen meat from farms within 24 kilometres of the outbreak location.

As the case involves waterfowl, the Government will also suspend duck, goose and goose egg imports from Guangdong for one week.

Secretary for Food & Health Dr York Chow said tonight no human bird flu infection has been reported, adding that the outbreak is an isolated case. He said the Government will liaise closely with Mainland authorities and both sides have agreed to hold daily exchanges on the latest situation.

The Food & Environmental Hygiene Department, in conjunction with Mainland authorities, will inspect registered farms supplying live chickens to Hong Kong. Other government departments and Mainland authorities will enhance inspections to detect any illegal importation of poultry. Inspection and surveillance of hygiene conditions at poultry farms, and wholesale and retail markets will also be enhanced.

The arrangement announced last week to lift the chicken supply ceiling will be withdrawn.

Dr Chow said as Hong Kong and Guangdong are very close people should remain vigilant to reduce the risk of avian influenza.

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