About H5N1Drome

H5N1Drome is the latest site to become part of the Dymaxion Web. It was launched at the end of July 2005 when it became apparent here that despite stepped up mainstream press coverage of the looming Avian Flu pandemic, it would be important to attempt using open intelligence technology to monitor potential valuable information that might otherwise remain buried in the deep web. This does not mean that H5N1Drome will ignore press reports as they come in from various sources nor will we step back from information being circulated through scientific publications.

It does mean, however, that we will also publish a great deal of personally posted information and opinion that may or may not have scientific or social value. Rather, it will be our policy to err on the side of openness to a multiplicity of sources and ideas. To that end, readers should be warned that in some cases we will republish content in languages we do not understand. In all cases --and this goes for mainstream media material as well-- we leave it up to the reader to make up his/her own mind. Readers should also be aware that we are not experts in the Bird Flu or pandemics but that will not hinder us,  from time to time, from taking the liberty to express our own thoughts on trends as we see them.

We believe this site fills an important void. It is ironic that at a unique moment in mankind's history when we stand on the brink of discoveries in the biosciences that could have an enormous impact on our planet's wellbeing, we appear to be all but powerless against a scourge that could, if the Spanish Flu of 1918 is, as many think, a reasonable precedent, wipe out a great swath of the world's population and possibly throw us back into another Dark Age. Only global awareness and the will to act, will change that outcome!

In this context, we see countries willing to go to great expense and sacrifice in the pursuit of war and military capability. We see no such ability on the part of nations or the global community to come together on something that will take expense, sacrifice and cooperation on a scale never seen before.

We have no choice, against the current backdrop, but to be pessimistic in the face of  events.  However, we also refuse to stand idly by. Please send us your suggestions, criticisms and help in supporting this site. Write to us at info@dymaxionweb.com.

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