December 06, 2004



The short video Babyscapes provides a look inside the bizarre mind of Los Angeles artist Charles Irvin. On the face of it, the movie is about the emotional conflict of deciding whether or not to have a child, which Irvin clearly considers a totally frightening prospect. A few documentary-like scenes interspersed throughout the movie actually verge on a pseudo-objective attempt at a discussion of the subject. These segments, however, only provide the most perverse and meager anchor for the artistís unhinged flights of dark, panic-stricken fantasy that include mutilated babies, zombies, a headless bride, a love duet sung by a mommy and daddy skeleton, etc. In a favorite scene a green elf-like demon makes a baby in his otherworldly laboratory-lair by spooning hot meat sauce into toddler pajamas.

Posted by dmb at December 6, 2004 09:21 PM
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