January 11, 2005

Piano Monster


For Jim Shaw's current show in Los Angeles, The Dream That Was No More A Dream, the California, post-conceptual surrealist commissioned a hardwood version of the monster from B-movie master Roger Cormanís 1956 It Conquered The World. The trick for the fabricator was to figure out how to construct the creatureís organic cucumber-like shape with rectilinear planks of pine. If that was not hard enough, Shaw had dreamed his creature with piano keys for teeth. The monsterís body needed to encase an entire operational piano. Opting for a cask-like structure, the fabricator used abutted boards all cut at the correct shape and angle. These boards were doubled or tripled in thickness wherever it was necessary to make the shape more rounded. Usually one only ever gets to see the final product. On occasion, however, the incredibly hard work that goes into constructing such a large-scale hand-made sculpture (the monster stands taller than eight feet) is documented.

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